Kyoko Chan Cox- Long Lost Daughter Of Japanese Artist Yoko Ono

Kyoko Chan Cox is best known as the daughter of Yoko Ono, a famous Japanese multimedia artist, singer, songwriter and peace activist. Her mother is also known as the late English musician and co-leader of the British rock band The Beatles, John Lennon.

Kyoko Chan Cox Age and biography

Kyoko was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1963. She is currently 60 years old in 2023. Regarding her exact date of birth, most media reports that she was born on August 8, but According to her social media profiles, her birthday is March 17th.

Cox’s parents moved to New York, United States, shortly after her birth, and she grew up there primarily under the care of her father, Anthony.

She did not have an easy childhood because of her parents’ marital problems. Kyoko’s parents divorced when she was 5 years old and her father got custody of her. Because of this, she spent her entire childhood without a mother.

For her education, she attended Walter Reed High School in North Hollywood. She also attended other foreign schools (name unknown) and was taught by private teachers. Furthermore, Cox is of Japanese and British descent, and is Japanese by nationality.

What happened when Kyoko Chan Cox was kidnapped by her father?

Despite such a great family history, Kyoko’s life is still going. During the heated custody battle between Yoko and Anthony, Anthony, Cox’s father, kidnapped Kyoko, then eight years old, and disappeared for fear of losing her child.

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Her father took such drastic measures because he was afraid that Lennon, his wife’s new husband, would use his power and money to take his daughter from him. As a result, after taking her away, he went underground with Kyoko on Christmas Eve 1971.

She is then forced to spend unknown years with her father. When her father changed her name to Ruth Holman, her identity became confused. She grew up as a member of a religious sect, alienated from family life and having no contact with her biological mother.

How did the mother and daughter reconcile?

When Yoko passed away her husband John Lennon in 1980, she received a telegram of condolence from her ex-husband and daughter Kyoko. However, no specific location has been specified. Kyoko finally contacted her mother in 1997 and agreed to reunite with her at the age of 34.

Yoko Ono's daughter

What does Kyoko Chan Cox, daughter of Yoko Ono, do?

When it comes to her career, she seems to be tied to the movies. Since her father is a famous director, she started working as an associate producer on her father’s projects when she was 24 years old. She has also appeared in documentaries such as Vain Glory, The Beatles Anthology, Bed Peace, 3 Days in the Life and others.

Furthermore, Yoko’s long-lost daughter is a charity worker. Her interest in charity comes from her religious upbringing. In an interview, a member of her family said that she is religious.

Kyoko Chan Cox Net Worth

Kyoko has a net worth of about $1 million, according to several media outlets. As a retired teacher, she can make good money. On the other hand, her mother, Ms. Yoko Ono, is extremely wealthy with an estimated net worth of $700 million.

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