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Kristine Barnett, the nurturing mother of an autistic genius, made headlines when she and her ex abandoned their adopted daughter Natalia Grace. She and her then-husband accused Natalia of trying to kill them. In 2023, Kristine stirred conversation after The Curious Case of Natalia Grace premiered.

Is she on the show? Where is she now? What does she do for a living? Read all that we know about her in this article.

Meet Kristine Barnett, Natalia Grace Mother

Kristine Barnett and her ex-husband Michael Barnett adopted the Ukranian orphan with a case of dwarfism (called spondyloepiphyseal) Natalia Grace in 2010. The Barnetts apparently saw violent behavior from their new family member soon after bringing her home to America.

Over time, Kristine and Michael were no longer able to share a home with Natalia. According to the Daily Mail, they began to believe that Natalia was actually an adult masquerading as a child. They claimed their adoptive daughter displayed symptoms of puberty, including menstruation. The Barnetts soon followed suit, alleging that Natalia was attempting to murder them.

According to the report of the New York Post, Natalia was not just older but also mentally ill in the opinion of the doctors who examined her. The couple told national media claiming Natalia made multiple attempts to kill them, including pouring Pine Sol in Kristine’s mug and trying to pull Kristine into an electric fence.

They moved her into her own rental apartment where Michael provided her food and rent. As a result, Natalia was left in a rental property in Lafayette, Indiana when Michael, Kristine, and their biological children emigrated to Canada in 2013.

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Soon, they were charged with abandoning their disabled daughter.

On September 18 and September 19, 1019, respectively, Michael and Kristine Barnett turned themselves in at the Tippecanoe County Jail pursuant to arrest warrants. After being arrested, they were later freed on bond. In this piece, public records from the Barnetts’ divorce settlement were also mentioned.

“The media is painting me to be a child abuser, but there is no child here,” Kristine told the Daily Mail in 2019.

Michael and Kristine eventually got divorced, but they continued to make accusations against Natalia for years afterward.

According to Kristine Barnett in a court declaration, Michael Barnett returned to Indiana in the fall of 2013 “after an incident impacting the children.” There is no description of that occurrence in the divorce filings.

Records from the divorce indicate that Michael Barnett never went back to live with the family. The divorce filings also reveal that in 2014, Kristine Barnett engaged in negotiations for the film rights to “The Spark,” her book on Jacob’s diagnosis with autism and the subsequent discovery of his intellectual abilities.

The ex-spouses initially petitioned the Marion County Probate Court in 2012 to change Natalia’s birth year from 2003 to 1989. Per The Washington Post, Michael further alleged that his ex-wife coached their adopted daughter, too, to tell people that she was 22 years old if they asked.

But, in September 2019, the state of Indiana charged the couple with numerous counts of maltreatment.

Michael initially pulled himself in after an arrest warrant was issued, and he posted a $5,000 surety bond and a $500 cash bond and was freed.

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Later on, Michael was charged with counts of conspiracy to neglect a dependent, neglect of a dependent causing significant bodily damage, negligence of a dependent causing bodily injury, and neglect of a dependent causing bodily injury. However, in February 2022, four charges of neglecting a dependant were dropped against him.

In October 2022, he then made an appearance in court for his trial. Later that month, Michael received of not guilty.

Kristine Barnett Update: Where Is She Today?

Now, Kristine Barnett is living in Florida. Less than a month before Kristine’s trial was to start, in March 2023, the charges against her were also dismissed.

The day before Barnett’s final pre-trial conference hearing, Tippecanoe County Prosecutor Pat Harrington filed a motion to dismiss the eight counts of neglect of a dependent against her, alleging “insufficient evidence.”

The charges were dismissed with prejudice, meaning Kristine can’t be charged again for the same thing.

As for her relationship status, Kristine stated on her Facebook that she is single.

In reaction to the recent documentary, Kristine took to her Facebook and wrote, “I did go a bit quiet during this real-time documentary from just complete shock. Remember I did not participate and I am watching this with all of the rest of you. When people are done with these allegations against me I will respond. Also, anyone that knows me or knows my sons will know already what that response will be.”

You can read the lengthy post here.

Kristine Barnett Age

In 2023, Kristine Barnett is 49 years old. He was born in April 1974.

Where Is Kristine Barnett From?

Kristine Barnett hailed from Indianapolis, Indiana.

Kristine Barnett Job

According to Kristine Barnett’s LinkedIn, Kristine is a speaker, writer, and longtime advocate for education for autistic children. She authored a book titled The Spark: A Mother’s Story of Nurturing Genius.

THE SPARK is the powerful story of one mother’s love and her stubborn refusal to give up on her child. A remarkable memoir of a woman who followed her maternal instincts—even when those instincts ran contrary to her own husband, and the advice of all the professionals, who told her it was hopeless—and even as Jake withdrew further into his own silent world.

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In 1996 she founded Acorn Hill Academy, a daycare serving local families. She and her ex-husband also ran a charitable community center for autistic and special-needs children and their families called Jacob’s Place, named after their son.

Is Kristine Barnett On Instagram And Facebook?

No, Kristine Barnett is available on Instagram (@kristinebarnett) as well as Facebook (@KristineElizabethPearson).

  • What Is Kristine Barnett Maiden Name?

The maiden name of Kristine Barnett is Pearson.

  • Does Kristine Barnett Have A Son?

Kristine Barnett has three sons Jake, Wes, and Evan.

Jake was a topic of national discussion in 2012 when it was reported that he would attend Purdue University as a preteen.

  • When Is Kristine Barnett Birthday?

Kristine Barnett’s birthday is in April.

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