Kouri Richins Parents: Ronald Darden And Lisa Darden

Meet Ronald Darden and Lisa Darden, parents of Utah’s murderous husband, Kouri Richins. Who are they? What do they do? Are they still married to each other?

Read everything we know about Koura’s parents in this article below.

Who are the parents of Kouri Richin?

Kouri Richins, a Salt Lake City children’s author, has been arrested and charged with the alleged murder of her husband, Eric Eugene Richins. Eric was the son of Gene and the late Linda (Carter) Richins, born May 13, 1982 in Bountiful, UT. His paternal grandparents were H. Lamont and Althea (Ferguson) Richins; his maternal grandfather, Charles Carter.

Eric is survived by his three wonderful children, Carter, Ashton and Weston; His father, Eugene F.; his sisters, Katie (Clint) Benson and Amy (William) Richins, his nieces Madalin and Lillian Benson, and his maternal grandmother, Joan Carter.

What happened to Eric? Eric’s autopsy results revealed that he had overdosed on fentanyl and had been taking it orally. Further investigation revealed conversations between Kouri and a friend named CL. They found him unconscious at the foot of his bed, and attempts to save his life were reportedly unsuccessful.

In court documents, CL claimed that Kouri specifically requested fentanyl and was then provided with between 15 and 30 pills. A few days after it supposedly happened, Eric and Kouri were having dinner at home on Valentine’s Day 2022, and Kouri became “very sick,” telling a friend that he “thought his wife was trying to poison him.” It is later claimed that CL gave Kouri more fentanyl pills, and six days later, Eric was discovered dead from a fentanyl overdose.

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The search warrant goes on to say that, without Kouri’s knowledge, Eric changed his will and life insurance policy before he died. His sister is listed as a beneficiary. The order also mentions that Eric was considering a divorce and wanted to make sure his children were taken care of. Kouri allegedly tried to add herself as a beneficiary after logging into her account later, but the insurer alerted Eric.

Kouri was born in 1990 and is 33 years old. Until 2019, he worked primarily as an investor in the Kamas, Utah area. She actively sought out investment property connections.

Kouri worked as a real estate agent in Conrad Cruz Real Estate Services, LLC.

As you know, Eric was previously married to Julie Jorgenson (2005). He later died in a car accident that broke out in January 2011. Eric remarried Kouri on June 15, 2013.

As for the parents of Kouri Richins, their names are Ronald and Lisa Darden.

Meet Ronald Darden, father of Kouri Richins

The late Ronald Horace Darden is the father of Kouri Richins. Ronald is the son of Carl Ray Darden (1928-1991) and Katie Lee Darden (née Anderson) (1935-1996). He had three siblings Pamela D Albright, David Darden, and Randall Lee Brock.

Ronald was born on April 25, 1952 in Sumter, South Carolina. He worked as an instrumentation supervisor at Daniels Construction. Ron was described in the obituary as a loving father, grandfather, brother, and son who cared deeply for his family.

Ronald passed away on January 15, 2010.

Meet Lisa Darden, mother of Kouri Richins

Lisa K Darden is probably the mother of Kouri Richins. Lisa is currently 63 years old and lives in Utah. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about Lisa at the moment.

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  • How long were Kouri Richin’s parents married?

Since Kouri Richins’s mother was not mentioned in her father’s obituary, it is likely that her parents were not married at the time of her death in 2010.

  • How many children do Kouri Richin’s parents have?

Kouri Richins’s parents had a total of four children. Besides Kouri, the others are named Tanya Lynn Darden Langley (Husband Wayne), Ronald Darden, and Ronald Darden Rychlik.

  • Where do Kouri Richin’s parents live?

Kouri Richins’ mother lives in Heber City, Utah. Her father lived in Florence, Utah.

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