Know the safest place in the world

ا من باحت یسی , پنی . So I did the same. However, So I did it with you. In this case, he became one of the only ones. He did so. Through this article, we will learn about some of the most important places in the world and safe places.

Fort Knox, USA

This place is considered the most beautiful place in the United States. यह अमेरिका बुलियन वॉल्त है, 1936. According to some reports, America has the most gold in the country. He did it with him. In 10 days you can apply. दर्वेस का कोड सिर्फ वाई वाई सुभाई को को ी पत है।। However, So I did. At the same time, the weight of the door is 10 and 10 tons.

Area 51

It is also among the safest places in America. This is one of the best. . This place is in California.


Bahnhof data center

This center is one of the most secure data centers in the world. , जिस्ट That is. खास बात 100 kunas for your life journey त निजेश किया .

Federal Reserve Bank

This place is located in New York, where gold is stored 80 feet below ground. इस स्थान पर की शी बी हैसी है है।

Florentine Prison ADX

This place is also located in America, where the most heinous criminals in America are kept. This prison has been specially designed for male prisoners. Here you can see Alcatraz of the Rockies.

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