Knighthood MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Actions, onehit) 1.16.3

Are you someone who aspires to be a great Templar? Under God’s protection rise up to destroy evil and bring happiness to the whole world? Let the knights give you those powers. As an action role-playing game, there are many supernatural, fantasy elements. Promising to be a cult product for those who love fighting and adventure. Especially fans of the multiplayer action genre. This is a special game that helps bring people together.

Inspired by the historic Knights Templar. Knight will take you into a world of warriors. They were all knights of the Knights of Wrath from faraway lands. Your mission is to fight the violators of the clan’s creed. The land is full of monsters. Even dangerous knights will be the target of your hunt. Join the biggest purge ever.

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The Order of Wrath has long been a knightly order to respect and protect this sacred place. But only after Lord Khanon’s invasion and pollution. This place has been turned into the source of all evil. As a knight, the player still has a brave heart. I will join everyone in standing up against that malicious conspiracy. Return the Order to the Knights and end Lord Khanon’s reign once and for all. Players will choose their favorite character. Fight everywhere to protect the safety of the world.

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The main goal is to travel across different lands to save your knightly order. It also protects the people in those places from many dangers that cause trouble. Possessing equipment as well as hidden power. But they look funny and kind of ridiculous. The appearance of the knight is also very interesting. You will use your skills to fight the enemy. Each knight possesses many different skills. and other special equipment and upgrades.

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Choose the right game strategy

This long journey requires a lot of important luggage. Includes knights from your team, many other important items and weapons. As mentioned, each boxer has different strengths, skills and stats. It is necessary to create a smart squad to engage in the game. The most effective moves and combinations to damage enemies. Even at the limit. You can unlock more special ults that deal massive damage or effects. And tons of items and equipment for every warrior. It is mainly collected from various places. Create invincible power on the logic and arrangement of the commander.

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Show your personality on the field

I bet you will want to change up your look to best suit your taste right? Fortunately, Knighthood offers players several different fighter looks. From fun decorations to all sorts of ornate armor. Of course, they do not affect strength. Then it is impossible not to participate in the PvP battlefield. Other players are there waiting for you to race. Surprise your opponents with various formations, combinations and powers, and be confident in your own strength. The main thing is to win and have the best time.

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Join many powerful guilds

The main purpose, of course, is to restore Rampage to glory. However, you cannot do it alone. Gather like-minded teammates. Go back and create a new clan. Although they have different names, they have the same common mission. Chat with people in real time via chat or voice. Hunt together for profit. As well as building a solid reputation for the association. Accompany people to travel around the world. instill fear in monsters. Displays the rank of a clan under the Glorious Wrath Order.

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Along with many other interesting features are waiting for you to enjoy. Many updates are constantly and always available. Of course, Knighthood is a game you can’t play alone. It is definitely more fun to play with friends and teammates. Let’s fight evil together. Use your strength and faith to restore and erase the filth of the greatest Order of Wrath. It’s all about the Knighthood mod. You can download it now to fight.

Download Knighthood MOD APK for Android (Menu/Unlimited Actions, One Click)

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