10+ Facts You Need to know about the Sibling Rock Band, Greta Van Fleet

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Greta Van Fleet is an American rock music group that is made up of three brothers: Jake Kiszka, Sam Kiszka, and Josh Kiszka. The band is rounded out by powerful percussion in the talents of drummer Danny Wagner.

Where is Greta Van Fleet from?

Greta Van Fleet is from Frankenmuth, Michigan. They were formed in 2012 by twin brothers Jake and Josh Kiszka. Their little brother, Sam, and a friend, Kyla Hauck fill out the rest of the band.

Hauck is credited with giving the group its name and the Greta Van Fleet name meaning.

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What does Greta Van Fleet mean?

Gretna Van Fleet was a fellow resident of the band’s hometown of Frankenmuth, and she gave the band her approval to variate her name and use it as the band’s moniker.

Even today, Ms. Van Fleet supports the band and their music. Ms. Van Fleet was considered a “town elder” and the band states there is no real meaning behind their name. The members of the group simply liked it.

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How Old is Greta Van Fleet?

The band was formed in 2012. The twins, Jake and Josh, are twenty-five years old. Their brother, Sam, is twenty-two. The original drummer left the band in 2013, and was replaced with a family friend, Danny Wagner. Wagner is also twenty-two years old.

Jake and Josh’ birthdate

Considering when the band was formed, most of the members of the group were a mere fifteen years of age or slightly younger. Jake and Josh were born on April 23, 1996. Sam Kiszka’s birthdate is April 3, 1999. Danny Wagner’s birthday is December 29, 1998.

Josh Kiszka of Greta Van Fleet – Photo Credit: Justin Bailey

Who does Greta Van Fleet sound like?

In short, most musical aficionados draw sharp comparisons to Greta Van Fleet and 1970s musical and classic rock geniuses Led Zeppelin.

Lead vocalist Josh Kiszka sounds eerily like Zeppelin’s lead singer, the celebrated and revered Robert Plant. However, Greta Van Fleet is far from a Zeppelin rip-off or a cover band.

The group simply offers a rich, bluesy, full sound that relies heavily on guitar riffs, blazing vocals, and a percussion backbone that makes every song strong and powerful.

There are other comparisons that critics make between Greta Van Fleet and other musical groups, but most of them still somehow connect to Zeppelin-ish influences.

The group has been compared to David Coverdale and Whitesnake. Robert Plant himself even referred to David Coverdale as “David Cover Version,” pointing out the singer’s sound replicating his own.

In the 1980s, Whitesnake was compared to Led Zeppelin in many ways, from Coverdale’s vocals to the riffs of guitarists John Sykes and later Adrian Vandenburg.

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In fact, Adrian Vandenburg’s use of a violin bow during the band’s hit single “Still of the Night” was a direct imitation of Jimmy Page’s use of the same instrument in Zeppelin’s “In the Evening,” “Dazed and Confused,” and “How Many More Times.”

To date, Jake Kiszka has yet to whip out a violin bow a la Jimmy Page and Adrian Vandenburg.

greta van fleet performing on stage
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Greta Ven Fleet Personal Relationships

Jake Kiszka has a girlfriend named Hannah Schooley as of 2021. Danny Wagner’s girlfriend is Mackenzi Kellie Anthony, an actress and designer, according to her social media profile.

As of 2021, any dating relationships for vocalist Josh Kiszka are unknown. It is also unknown if his younger brother Sam is in a relationship.

Are any of Great Van Fleet’s albums available on vinyl?

In 2019, Greta Van Fleet’s From the Fires was produced on vinyl. This album contained the highly popular “Highway Tune.”

What is special about the Greta Van Fleet SNL appearance?

Earlier in 2021, Greta Van Fleet went viral due to their 2019 performance on Saturday Night Live.

The band’s performance of Greta Van Fleet “You’re the One” on the show was parodied on TikTok, specifically lead vocalist Josh Kiszka’s head movements and gestures.

Other songs performed during the SNL show in 2019 include “Black Smoke Rising.” Kiszka himself posted the parody on TikTok in July, and the post garnered over 500,000 likes.

Greta Van Fleet’s discography includes:

Greta Van Fleet, Anthem of the Peaceful Army (includes the Greta Van Fleet “When the Curtain Falls”)Greta Van Fleet, The Battle at Garden’s Gate (includes the Greta Van Fleet “Heat Above”)Greta Van Fleet, When the Curtain Falls

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Josh Kiszka of Greta Van Fleet – Photo Credit: Justin Bailey

Will there be a Greta Van Fleet tour in 2022?

Greta Van Fleet will be touring throughout much of 2022. They will play dates in the United States, the United Kingdom and in Latin America. Some of their dates are played in support of Metallica.

Greta Van Fleet Merch can be found on the group’s website as well as at stores such as Hot Topic.

Is there a Greta Van Fleet new album?

The Battle at Garden’s Gate is the latest Greta Van Fleet album. The group will tour in support of this record in 2022.

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