Kirby And The Forgotten Land turns Kirby into a car

A new trailer for Kirby and the Forgotten Land shown during Nintendo’s February Direct presentation showed off some of the pink puffball’s new David Cronenberg-esque transformations.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land – Mouthful Mode Reveal – Nintendo Switch

Along with absorbing enemies to get his usual abilities, like hurling fireballs or small tornadoes at enemies, Kirby will be able to eat some of the long-abandoned machinery littered around the city. The first, and possibly best, example given during today’s trailer for the game showed Kirby eating an entire car, fitting his body around the automobile. With it, he has the ability to speed across gaps and run over enemies and metal crates alike.

This new power, called Mouthful Mode, lets Kirby take on traits of whatever he eats. By eating a vending machine, Kirby gets the Vending Mouth ability, which lets him attack enemies by spitting out juice cans. Inhaling a traffic cone likewise lets Kirby break open metal pipes with his newly pointed head.

Today’s trailer also showed off a new area of the game that seemingly serves as a kind of main hub: Waddle Dee Town. As players rescue Waddle Dees throughout the Forgotten City, they’ll head to the town and slowly bring it back to life, unlocking resources for players to use. One upgrade, for instance, adds a weapons shop to the hub where players can evolve copy abilities into more advanced and powerful forms. The trailer also showed what looks like a café, clothing shop, and movie theater that players can eventually unlock.

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land is set to launch on March 25.

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