Kio Cyr Responds To Austin Mahone’s Brutality Towards His Girlfriend

Kia Cyra’s girlfriend, Amanda Diaz, posted a video on TikTok on August 21, 2022 in which she can be seen sitting on a pool chair with her eyes closed while the music plays, “I can’t see a thing. chief.” The video contains the language class “when she was a walking red flag and she had green eyes” and she wrote “guilty” in the description.

Diaz admits that she has feelings for guys with green eyes, even when they’re in a troubled relationship. Many in the comments debated whether her partner has blue eyes or not. The video eventually caught the attention of Austin Mahone, who responded to it. He patched Diaz’s video, bragging about his green eyes in the caption, and tagged Diaz, implying he wouldn’t mind hitting her. Many in the comments section informed Diaz that she was already in a relationship. Cyr was even tagged in the video by some people.

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Kio Cyr reacts to Austin Mahone abusing a girl

Then, on August 22, 2022, Cyr replied to Mahone that he was fighting for his girlfriend. He stitched together the footage of Mahone, then cut him and Diaz in a room. Cyr is leaning on a chair and Diaz is lying on the bed looking at her phone. He turns to Diaz, then to the camera and declares, “I choose peace to stop violence”, with a slight chuckle, before ending the video focusing on her discontent and jealous expressions. he.

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He just tagged the singer in the description. Fans were amazed by his humorous reply and shared their thoughts in the comments section.

“The arrogant Kio is there, tell him,” one person replied, while another added, “not today @autinmahone, you don’t want to upset Kio.”

Even Mahone got in on the action, writing in the comments section, “I’m a lover too.” Cyr didn’t reply to him, most likely because his fans did it on his behalf. They asked Mahone to withdraw and said that Diaz would never choose this singer over her current lover.

Austin Mahone claims everything is fine.

Afterwards, Mahone says that everything is fine and he has no intention of interfering with them. “Everything is fine. They have a lot of things to do,” the singer said. In July 2022, there were rumors that Diaz and Cyr broke up after the ex posted a photo of him dating another guy on TikTok. Diaz was on vacation at the time. in Ibiza, Spain, and Cyr did not join her.

Kio Cyr

A guy with a tattoo all over his arm is offering her bread in the video. Fans assume that there is unrest in heaven because Cyr has no such tattoo. Diaz and Cy are said to have broken up, but before things got out of hand, the former responded to the comment: “I might have friends.” LOOKING OUT OF THE BUT.”

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