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1. One-time kill (on/off takes effect at the start of a new stage)2. Weak wave (reduces enemies by 1 or 2 for fast stage progression)

In the true sense of the legendary battle, it was the battle of the Guardian of the Kingdom. This will be an extremely fierce battlefield between ancient races. You will not be on the side of mighty dragons to fight and protect them. Use the most effective tactics to control the situation effectively. All enemies who dare to invade your territory will fall. Defend your wonderland in peace and prosperity. This is a challenge that each of us needs to experience and overcome for ourselves.

Strategy simulation is what Kingdom Guard is all about. This is a fairly classic gameplay that has been developed for a long time. It will not have great graphics, nor difficult controls like other games. However, combat is very addictive for any player who wants to give it a try. If you are playing better, defense will be the phrase you need to focus on. Diverse functions and the ability to transform will make the game not boring. Hundreds of thousands of challenges have been created to make it difficult for players.

Download Kingdom Guard mod – Defend your kingdom from invaders

Evil giants are invading the world of mighty and noble dragons. Only you can help the dragons protect their homeland. Enemy forces will follow pre-drawn paths into your land. The main task now is to place your units there. These units will automatically attack when the enemy reaches the range where the team is allowed to fight. Enemies also split into various attacks. Each subsequent wave will be stronger than the previous wave with greater strength and intensity. You need to evolve to become stronger and complete the levels.

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Kingdom Guard Mod Free

general recruitment

The generals will contribute significantly to the command of the units in your army. There are different types of commanders to choose from and add to your squad. They will have abilities with special powers to help you fight stronger. We can recruit new generals by opening mysterious treasure chests. After upgrading, the basic attributes of these commanders will increase. The more they fight, the stronger they become every day. Commander will bring incredible defense to your army. Make full use of the power you have to block any attack.

rich themes

In Kingdom Guard, you will fight on many different battlefields. These are the levels that the player has to go through in order to progress further. Each group of friends will fight across the map in a unique arrangement. From the enemy’s marching line, the location of the army to the different types of enemies. For example, you will have to fight the giant ice giants in the ice map. They are very dangerous, high health but slow speed. Players need to weaken the enemy before entering key areas. Each place will bring you a new fighting style, full of thinking.

Kingdom defense mod apk

union soldier

In the game, the combination of soldiers is the key to victory. Initially, you can only summon level 1 minions. Once you have three level 1 pieces, you can combine them to enter level 2 pieces. Likewise, three level 2 pieces are combined to form a force. level 3. After evolving, the unit’s combat power will be doubled. Easier to destroy the giants. All units will adopt this unique method of evolution. During the game, you need to get a lot of advanced units to improve your strength.

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protect the kingdom mod android

get tactics

Strategy in Kingdom Guard is true to achieve concrete success. For a game, there are many different factors that can come into play. You’ll have to see the entire map to understand how it works. Streamline your army to hold back the deadliest enemies. There will be units that can fight certain giants. This can be used to your advantage to help you achieve victory. Do not forget that there are many other interesting things waiting for you in the Kingdom Guard mod.

Download Kingdom Guard MOD APK for Android (Menu, Low Monster Health)

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