Kim Sae Ron Is Criticized After Her Friend Reveals That She Hosted an Alcohol-Theme Birthday Party

Actress Kim Sae-ron is involved in another scandal. According to her unnamed friend, the actress threw an alcohol-themed birthday party. The celebration comes just two months after she was charged with drunk driving. One of her friends posted a birthday invitation, claiming that Kim Sae-ron held a birthday party on July 30, a day before her actual birthday on July 31. July. The invitation states:

“Ron’s birthday, July 30 at 10 p.m. on Seolleung Street, and attendees must bring their own drinks.”

The invitation was posted on social media and attracted interest on the Korean internet a few months after her birthday. The post went viral when former journalist Lee Jin-ho posted it on his YouTube channel. The invitation adds to a year of controversy for Kim Sae-ron, which began with her arrest in May for drunk driving and crashing her car into a transformer, causing property damage. and annoy everyone. She withdrew from her performance efforts, apologized, and took time to reflect on herself after the event.

Kim Saeron’s friend seems to have revealed her birthday party invitation to the press regarding drinking, angry K-Netz #김새레

– pannatic (@pannatic) November 5, 2022

Kim Sae Ron’s agency declined to comment on the online scandal.

Despite the fact that the invitation to a wine-themed birthday party has gone viral on social media, Ron’s gold-medal winner Kim Sae’s agency has remained silent about it. On November 5, the agency responded that it had no comment on the allegations of alcohol celebration. For the uninitiated, Kim Sae-ron was driving while drunk in the Gangnam district of Cheongdam on May 18, around 8 a.m. CET when she collided with a transformer. She refused to take a breath test and instead asked officers for a blood test to determine her blood alcohol level. She was arrested for the incident.

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The next day, the Secret Healer actress released an apologetic statement through her agency. She said that she would do her best to make up for all the damage she caused while drunk driving and that she would fully cooperate with the police investigation. Kim Sae-ron also withdrew from upcoming projects, including the SBS drama Trolley, at her own request because she wanted to step away from the limelight and reflect on her behavior.

She also posted a handwritten Instagram post apologizing for her behavior and taking full responsibility. She also said that she is trying to repent and reflect on her behavior and will do so the next time around. Various publications later reported that the actress had decided to take personal responsibility for the damage in the accident and had settled with the insurance company for the property damage and livelihoods of all the shop owners. Locals and flea market owners depend on power transformers. she crashed.

On June 4, Goldmedalist revealed that the actress’s blood alcohol level was around 0.2%, which is high enough to permanently deprive her driver’s license. They also pointed out that the actress deeply regrets her mistakes and corrects the harm she has caused, and intends to take full responsibility for her actions to the end. After a lull, on November 4, her agency revealed that she was working part-time at a nearby cafe due to financial problems.

Kim Sae Ron

Since the DUI case, the actress has kept a low profile for paying a substantial amount of damages, settlements and publicity fines. On the other hand, Korean fans point out that she has driven expensive cars like Bentleys and Range Rovers and refuses to believe her claims that she is in financial difficulty. Amid all this, her alcohol-themed birthday party invitation has others questioning her sincerity and self-judgment.

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Kim Sae-ron debuted in 2009.

Kim Sae-ron started her acting career as a child actress on July 31, 2000. She made her movie debut in 2009 with A Brand New Life. She appeared in films such as The Man From Nowhere and A Brand New Life. She has starred in a number of TV series over the years, including Listen to My Heart, The Queen’s Classroom and Bok! School-love included. As an adult, she starred in several television series, including Secret Healer, Love Playlist, and The Great Shaman Ga Doo-shim. She is currently taking a break from acting and other forms of entertainment to reflect on her actions.

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