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Kim Anne Scott Wiki (Eminem’s Ex-Wife):- Kimberly Anne Scott was born to Kathleen Lou Doherty on January 8, 1975. She was identical to Dawn Scott, who is also her twin sister. (Dawn and Kimberly never met their biological father.)

The twins were born in Warren, Michigan, a state in the Midwest of the United States. After her second marriage, the girls were raised by their mother their stepfather, the alcoholic Casimer Sluck was a violent drunk. Due to the terrible family situations girls ran away from their home.

Kim Anne Scott Wiki (Eminem’s Ex-Wife)

Born in Detroit, Michigan on January 9, 1975, Kimberly Anne Scott, sometimes known as Kim, is an American citizen and celebrity spouse. She is Eminem’s ex-wife (famous American rapper, songwriter, record producer, and actor).

Additionally, the 43-year-old celebrity wed Eminem twice. She also fell pregnant with his daughter “Hailie Jade Mathers” in 1995. Her birthday is December 25, 1995. Hailie is a current Michigan State University student studying either entrepreneurship or psychology.

Kim Anne Scott Wiki (Eminem’s Ex-Wife)


While Kimberly and Eminem were residing with his mother, they started dating. They welcomed their daughter Hailie Jade into the world on Christmas Day of 1995. Kimberly Anne Scott then left the Mathers home.

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Now that his business was flourishing, Eminem was struggling to strike a balance between his music career and his personal life. Despite obvious signs of incompatibility early on in their relationship, the pair were married in 1999.

Eminem pays Kimberly Anne Scott $52,000 per year in child and spousal support. Kim works as an author and illustrator. Children’s books are her most well-known creations.

kim anne scott relationshipkim anne scott relationship

Parents And Education

On January 9, 1975, Kimberly was born in Warren, Michigan, in the United States. Therefore, as of 2018, she is forty-three (43) years old. Her stepfather Casimer Sluck and mother Kathleen Sluck both struggled with alcoholism.

She has a twin sister named Dawn Scott as well. When they were 13 years old, the sisters fled their parents’ house to avoid being physically abused. They took refuge in a facility outside of Detroit. Kimberly Anne Scott and her identical sister Dawn Scott both attended Lincoln High School in the United States.

kim anne scott parentskim anne scott parents


Kim seldom ever appears in public, with the exception of when her poisonous relationship with Eminem makes headlines. It is challenging to follow Scott’s current endeavours because she isn’t even included in her children’s social media posts.

She appears to be making a clean break after a series of horrible tragedies in her life over the previous few years. She was recently seen wandering around in tights close to her home.

But she has undoubtedly slipped under the radar. We can only assume that she is leading a calm life away from the spotlight and that she is taking steps to improve her situation.

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kim anne scott careerkim anne scott career


Eminem witnessed his wife kissing John Guerra on the cheek in the parking lot of a Warren, Michigan nightclub in June 2000. He finally attacked the man, and he was also detained as a result of the event.

He was given a two-year term after entering a guilty plea. A blow-up doll substitute for Kim was attacked by Eminem as he was performing the song “Kim” in Detroit in 2000.

Kimberly slashed her wrist in an attempt to commit suicide because she could not stand the humiliation.

kim anne scott controversykim anne scott controversy

Net Worth

Eminem pays Kimberly Anne Scott $52,000 per year in child and spousal support. Kim works as an author and illustrator.

Children’s books are her most well-known creations. The estimated $2 million net worth of Kimberly Anne Scott.





Q.1 Is Kim Anne Scott Dated Eminem?

Ans. Yes

Q.2 What is the net worth of Kim Anne Scott?

Ans. $2million.

Q.3 What is the nationality of Kim Anne Scott?

Ans. American 

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