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She meets Khesanio Hall, the boyfriend of Mackenzie McKee’s new boyfriend. Next you will find out about his age, work and his family.

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Meet Khesanio Hall, the Rumored Boyfriend of Teen Mom Actress Mackenzie McKee

Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee has shared a series of “soft communications” about her new boyfriend, whose name she initially withheld. It was later confirmed by fans of the show that she is in a relationship with Khesania “Khezzii” Hall.

After 12 years of marriage, Mackenzie revealed in July that she and Josh McKee were divorcing. Their romance went through numerous separations and reconciliations. Three children, Gannon, 11, Jaxie, 8, and Broncs, 6, were born from the previous marriage. Douthit claimed in her separation statement that she had grown tired of trying to keep her marriage to Josh alive.

“I was very unhappy for a long time, I was miserable. I lived with a lot of anger, resentment and bitterness and I defended [Josh] so I didn’t look silly for being with him,” she said. Mackenzie added: “I’ve healed a lot and I’m living to my full potential.”

“I was never going to live up to my full potential – you CANNOT live up to your full potential with someone you are not happy with. It doesn’t mean he’s a bad person or I’m a bad person, it just means we weren’t the right person for each other, that’s all it means.”

The reality star posted a photo of her kissing her new man. She captioned the post: “I want to love you and treat you right. I want to love you day and night.”

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“Everyone needs a Khessy in their life,” the Teen Mom star captioned a photo of Khessy working on the lawn on her Facebook page. “They have been arranged, cleaned, organized, etc. so many things in the house. We’ve gone from Raman sandwiches and bologna to the best home-cooked meals. Barely surviving in 2022, redecorating the garden was the last thing I had time for… Thank you, darling, for devoting your Saturday to this.

On Valentine’s Day 2023, Khesanio took to his IG to wish his girlfriend, “Happy Valentine’s Day to this beautiful cutie!”

“With all the messages I get and the articles coming out, I wanted you to know from me what’s going on,” he wrote in July on Page Six.

“Sometimes things work out and sometimes no matter how hard you fight, it just doesn’t work out. I’m breaking my silence about Josh and I breaking up,” she continued, according to the transcript. page six. “I will always respect him as the father of my children, but it’s time to find my own happiness 🙏”.

The couple ignored the controversy among fans. Some people still remember the debacle that led to the separation of Mackenzie from “Teen Mom”. She got into an argument with her alleged co-star, Cheyenne Floyd, and called Vice President Kamala Harris a “woman of color.”

Josh has also moved on and is currently dating Hailie Lowery.

Are Khesanio Hall and Mackenzie McKee expecting a baby?

Along with the relationship, there were rumors that Khesanio Hall and Mackenzie McKee were expecting a child. In late January 2023, several “teen moms” Instagram accounts shared photos of what appeared to be a baby registry of Mackenzie and Khessy in Sarasota, Florida, claiming the couple was due to give birth in August.

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The baby registry revealed that the baby was due on August 30, 2023. A screenshot of the registry was shared by Ashley Reality Check. When Ashley asked Mackenzie if an “Oopsie Baby” was on the way, she said the record was “absolutely” false.

“This is hilarious,” he told the newspaper.

Josh and Mackenzie already had three children, and Mackenzie admitted that she had her fallopian tubes blocked in 2017. Fans may recall that the day she had her “fix,” she posted a selfie of herself walking into the operating room. While Ella Mackenzie may not be pregnant, she certainly seems happy in her new relationship. On Saturday, she posted a tribute to Khessy on her Facebook page, telling her fans of the positive impact Khessy has had on her life and her children’s lives.

How old is Khesanio Hall?

Khesanio Hall was born on October 10, 1994. He is currently 28 years old.

I work at Khesanio Hall

Khesanio Hall is a soccer player. He played for the national team once, in 2013 against Trinidad and Tobago.

As for club performances, he began his professional career at St. Elizabeth Technical High where he played from 2012-2013 to 2013-2014. He graduated from high school in 2013. Khesanio was named MVP and top scorer in the Jamaican School Football League’s DaCosta Cup.

Khesanio then played for the American team Ocean City Nor’easters in 2014 and then for the Oklahoma Wesleyan Eagles in the same year.

Khesanio then transferred to the Northeastern Huskies in 2015. In 2016, he played for the GPS Portland Phoenix and the Northeastern Huskies. Then in 2018 Khesanio played for the GPS Portland Phoenix, then again in 2019. Then in 2019 the Oklahoma Wesleyan Eagles signed Khesanio.

In 2020 he played for GPS Portland Phoenix and then for Stumptown Athletic in 2021.

Khesanio enrolled at Oklahoma Wesleyan University in 2014 to begin his college career in the United States. In 2015, he transferred to Northeastern University, graduating in 2018. In 2019, his final year of eligibility, he returned to Oklahoma Wesleyan University, where he won three Player of the Week awards, the KCAC Offensive Player of the Year award, on the KCAC First Team and a spot on the NAIA All American First Team.

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How much is Khesanio Hall net worth?

As of 2023, Khesanio Hall’s net worth is under $250,000.

The Khesanio Hall family

Khesanio Hall is the son of Winston Hall. On Father’s Day, he wished his dad: “Happy Father’s Day to my dad Winston Hall. I hope you enjoy your day and live to see much more. Crazy love.” Her mom’s name is Angela. On Mother’s Day 2020, she wished her mom, “Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful moms.” May all your blessings continue to flow and continue to love your children unconditionally “.

More about his family, Khesanio has a brother, Kadeino Hall. He lives in West Bay, Cayman Islands.

  • When is Khesanio Hall’s birthday?

Khesanio Hall’s birthday is on October 10.

  • Is Khesanio Hall on Instagram and Facebook?

Yes, Khesanio Hall is on Instagram (@khezzii) and Facebook (@khesanio).

  • How tall is Khesanio Hall?

Khesanio Hall is 1.88 meters (6 feet 2.5 inches) tall.

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