​​Kevin Miles Net Worth and How He Made His Money

Kevin Miles’s net worth is estimated at $2 million. The actor, who is famous for his role as Jake in State Farm commercials, made his money majorly from the acting and advertising business.

Kevin is an American actor and social media personality who has grown to become not only a successful actor but also one of the well-earning actors in the industry. Being a celebrated figure, many are all out and curious to know what Kevin’s net worth is and how exactly he makes his money. So, find out the truth about that and more below.

Kevin Miles’s Net Worth is $2 Million

Kevin Miles’s net worth is currently estimated at $2 million. This estimate primarily comes from his career in acting as well as his advertising income. Kevin’s passion for acting came from the love he developed for actors as a kid.

Today, Kevin has made and is still making a good amount of money through his career as an actor and brand promoter. And, as his popularity keeps increasing day by day, his fees are also increasing, unarguably. On Instagram, you can see him showing off his luxurious lifestyle and expensive possessions, clothes of high quality, cars, and jewellery like gold chains and diamond rings.

All these end up showing how much he has really made from his career endeavours. Read through to know all the endeavours that summed up his net worth to the tune of $2 million.

Acting Career Largely Contributed to Kevin Miles’ Net Worth

Kevin, 33, is an all-around entertainer. With a dream of becoming an actor from childhood, he began to pursue his film career at school. Kevin was born and raised in Chicago, and there he attended a local high school before joining The Chicago Academy for the Arts to pursue his passion for acting.

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Then after graduating from the institution in 2004, he proceeded to Webster University, where he graduated in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. However, Kevin once mentioned that he struggled a lot and faced many difficulties after graduating from university because he couldn’t get a job. He moved to Los Angeles to start a new life, but sadly life turned hard for him.

However, after a few months of hardship, he began to get offers for ads. On the heels of that, he was able to get his first acting gig in 2010 when he was assigned to play the role of Kevin in Innocent. The film turned out successful, and in addition to his brilliant role in it, Kevin began to land more roles in notable movies and TV shows and has today appeared in more than 50 TV shows and movies altogether.

Some of his most prominent movies include Tall Girl 2, The Last Pick, Lap Dance, Sprout, Prett Smart, Criminal Minds, Patrick Price, Underdogs, and others. His most recent role is in the 2022 Netflix movie Tall Girl 2, where he played the role of Myles. Kevin Mile is presently a household name in the American entertainment industry.

The exact figure Kevin earns from each movie he appears in is not known, but it is believed that he pockets a decent sum considering how successful most of the movies and TV shows turn out to be. Even though he has a few other endeavours, Kevin Miles has been consistent in acting ever since he started in 2010, and that arguably makes the most of his income.

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Other Sources of Kevin Miles’ Net Worth

1. Modelling and Instagram Influencing

Other than acting, the State Farm star has worked with a number of notable modelling and business agencies. This has seen him partner with fashion brands, healthcare outlets, nutrition, 5 Hour Energy, Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water, Sports, Coors Light, and other leading organizations and companies in the State.

His venture into this field significantly helped in summing up his net worth to this impressive tune. His clients see him as a dedicated entrepreneur who understands the dynamics of the business and industry.

Furthermore, Kevin Miles is a social media influencer. He is well-active on Instagram, where he has more than 60 thousand followers. Kevin mostly uses the platform to engage his fans with the several products and services of the brands he represents. Every post he makes on Instagram is flooded with numerous comments and likes, and that makes it possible for him to get the attention of those companies.

He is also active on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, but Instagram is the one he is more active on.

2. Advertisements and Commercials

As a result of his thriving acting career, Kevin gained fame rapidly in the entertainment industry as a whole. This gave him an edge to appear in numerous commercials alongside some high-profile individuals like Drake, Aaron Rogers, Patrick Mahomes, etc.

Moreso, he has worked with many companies, from startups to global corporations, and these commercial performances have immensely helped him in securing prominent TV roles.

Kevin Miles, State Farm Commercilas
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Meanwhile, most fans of Kevin know him best from the several State Farm TV commercials where he portrays the character of Jake. Admittedly, his role in the State Farm commercial has so far been his most prominent, but Kevin has, over the years, appeared in multiple other adverts, which include McDonald’s, Hyundai, Bose, Taco Bell, T-Mobile, and Panera Bread. To say the least, working with and for big brands come with very substantial pay.

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3. Dancing and Deejaying

Additionally, Kevin Miles also engages in another form of art which in turn adds money to his pocket. Kevin is a DJ and dancer. During his university days, he played as a DJ under the stage name DJ Kevin and up till now, he still takes up the job, though occasionally.

At the outset of his career, he performed music and practised being a professional dancer before he fully delved into acting.

A Recap of Kevin Miles’ Net Worth Sources

Kevin Miles’ biggest source of income comes from his career in the show business. He makes money through various means in the industry; TV shows, movies, social media influencing, advertisements, commercials, and all whatnot.

  • Acting
  • Social Media Influencing
  • Modelling
  • Advertisements/Commercials
  • Others

Kevin Miles is a good-looking man with some personality traits as well as physical attributes. Regardless of this, he seems to be still focusing more on his career rather than on women and relationships. He has continued to entertain his fans with the portrayal of various interesting characters in movies.

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