Kevin Kreider Parents: Mark Kreider And Theresa Adams

Kevin Kreider may never meet his birth parents, but his adoptive parents, Mark Kreider and Theresa Adams, adore him beyond belief. Learn more about them below. This article covers your age, job, marital status, and current residence.

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Who are the parents of Kevin Kreider?

In Bling Empire, viewers saw the rich life of a crazy rich Asian-American living in California. However, Kevin Kreider did not share the same background as the rest of the cast. He had a humble upbringing and, more importantly, he was adopted by a white American family.

His adoptive parents, Mark Kreider and Theresa Adams, adopted him in Seoul, South Korea when he was just three years old. That was all he knew and he was never interested in his family members until the show when he decided to take a DNA test to get information about his family members.

Kevin reveals that he was in fact born in Seoul and is also of Japanese descent. He found out that his parents gave him to his grandfather, who gave him up for adoption. Kevin suffered a severe breakdown as he remembered his mother’s thoughts that he would not have children and her fear of pregnancy. He came to the conclusion even if he didn’t learn many details about his birth parents.

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Fans of the show loved him because he was a real someone viewers could relate to at sea, a representation of the rich life the rest of the cast lived.

From here he will meet his adoptive parents, Mark Kreider and Theresa Adams.

Meet Kevin Kreider’s father, Mark Kreider

Mark Kreider is the father of Kevin Kreider. Kevin is close with Marko and has repeatedly mentioned his father on social media.

On Father’s Day 2020, he wrote: “Happy Father’s Day to this stud! He always supported me and came to see everything he did, from baseball games to bodybuilding shows and now to screenings in Los Angeles. If you’ve ever seen @uglymodeldoc you’ll know my dad and what you see really is what you get.”

In a July 2016 post, Kevin said that he inherited his father’s sense of humor.

  • Mark Kreider Age

In October 2022, Mark Kreider turned 68 years old. He was born in December 1953.

  • Mark Kreider’s work

According to Mark Kreider’s Facebook, he is currently self-employed. He also founded a company called MTK Management In where he provided management services. Mark is very interested in outdoor activities like hiking and biking.

  • Mark Kreider on Instagram?

Yes, Mark Kreider is on Instagram (@markkreider) and Facebook (@mark.kreider.75).

Meet Mark Kreider’s mother, Theresa Adams

On Mother’s Day 2022, Mark Kreider posted a photo of himself with his mother, Theresa Adams. He captioned the post: “Happy Mother’s Day to the Umma who told me not to wear a shirt but always supported me when I took my shirt off @inaPROPROPHUMMA.”

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A year before that, he posted on his IG: “Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, but most importantly, to my Umma. I have two nieces and they are a joy, but let’s be real…it’s exhausting 😂 In my opinion, there should be more than one Mother’s Day, but as I get older, I truly appreciate the energy, sacrifices, time and energy even more. concentration it takes to be a mother.

Theresa appeared on Bling Empire in the previous season. Fans of hers loved her sense of humor and Kevin’s co-stars also invited her to settle in Los Angeles, to which Theresa said that she enjoyed the quiet life in Philadelphia.

Theresa was born to parents Lucy (Zettlemoyer) Sylvester of Bethlehem and the late Daniel T. Sylvester Sr. She has three sisters; Anne Marie Nemchik of Allentown, Roseann, wife of William Puhan, of Alburtis, and Nancy, wife of Jack Makos, of Bath. Theresa lost her brother Daniel T Sylvester Jr at the age of 40 on March 13, 2007.

  • Theresa Adams era

In August 2022, Theresa Adams celebrated her 69th birthday. So, 1953 marked the year of her birth.

  • work of theresa adams

There is no information available on the web about the work of Theresa Adams. However, on her IG bio, Theresa shared that she is an entrepreneur. She also has a profile on Poshmark (@rivershack292).

  • Does Teresa Adams have Instagram?

Yes, Theresa Adams is on Instagram (@inapropertumma).

  • Are Kevin Kreider’s parents still married?

No, Kevin Kreider’s parents are no longer married. They probably broke up before 2015 because his father was seen with his current partner, Robyn Buseman, in November 2015.

  • How many children do Kevin Kreider’s parents have?

Kevin Kreider’s parents have two sons, including Kevin. The Bling Empire star has a brother named Luke Kreider. Unlike Kevin, Luke is a married man who shares three adorable children with his wife, Jenn Kreider.

  • Where do Kevin Kreider’s parents live?

Kevin Kreider’s mother lives in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, his father Mark lives in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania.

  • How much are Kevin Kreider’s parents worth?

The combined net worth of Kevin Kreider’s parents is estimated to be less than $3 million.

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