Kenya Kilolo Stone Bio, Age, Job, Seeking Brother Husband

For anyone doubting polyandry, check out the Kenya Kilolo Stone. She was married to her first husband for over 29 years and to her second husband for over five!

Continue reading this biography of Kenya Kilolo Stone to know more about this Seeking a brother husband star.

Kenya Kilolo Stone on finding husband brother

After the success of shows like Sister Wives or Seeking Sister Wife, which featured a polygamous family with one husband and multiple wives, TLC introduced Seeking Brother Husband, where it was the ladies who added or at least tried to marry multiple husbands to expand their polyandry. . family.

Obviously, this meant that Kenia made the cast because their relationship was like no other. She was going strong even after 5 years of “triogertherness”.

“Polyandry is the practice of a woman who has several husbands, but these husbands cannot have other partners. To successfully lead this lifestyle, you have to be willing to leave your old comfort zone,” Kenya defined polyandry. .

Kenya and her first husband, Carl, first decided to have an open relationship on August 17, 1995, after 12 years of marriage. It seems that Kenia then met and fell in love with another man and after a long discussion they opened up to the idea of ​​seeing other people.

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Like Kenya, her husband also had feelings for his co-worker at the time. So, after finding out, Kenia suggested that they go out for dinner as a threesome. “My husband wanted multiple wives. In fact, he told me about it before we got married, and I laughed, like, ‘Whatever!’ He was open to the idea, but if he has that privilege, he would definitely want the same privilege, which is fair,” Kenia said.

To talk more about their situation, the duo even decided to see a marriage counselor, who told Kenya and Carl to stay monogamous and work on their relationship. But apparently, having tasted freedom, they did not want that. So they decided to stop being monogamous and now their marriage includes Kenya’s second husband, Tiger (who has lived with them for 5 years).

According to Carl, who had a separate bed from them, “it’s a benefit” to have another person you can relate to, as opposed to the lies and cheating that happen in a relationship. But Carl was very lonely at times. That is why he later married Corina Naré Seka.

The family of four shared a close bond.

So how did they do it? Well, the trio (now foursome) had certain rules to handle the jealousy that was featured on the show. Also, Carl and Tiger were like brothers. “I think they became so close because whenever he had a problem with Tiger, he would tell Carl to talk to him,” Kenya said.

Fun fact: Kenya first encountered Tiger dressed as “Tiger Woods” at a Halloween party.

Kenya Kilolo Stone and Carl Stevens Children

Kenya and her first husband, Carl Stevens, have three children. One of them is called Sanu Stevens who has taken on the mission of freeing her generation from bad relationships, bad communication tools and toxic emotional habits. Find her on FB @lovecoachsanustevens and Twitter @Sanu Stevens.

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When Kenya and Carl first decided to talk about their marriage, they sat down with their three children (who were just teenagers) and explained it to her. Surprisingly, the children took it well and were very happy that their parents were still together. However, they were confused about how it would work, such as “will he have another father?” Those kinds of logistical problems.

They even had to explain to Tiger’s ex-wife why their son should stay in a house with a married woman and her husband. Fortunately, Kenia quickly became friends with Tiger’s ex-wife and they are now good friends.

Is Kenya Kilolo Stone on Instagram and Facebook?

Find her on Instagram @progressive_love_academy and Facebook @hakashamut.kenyakstevens.

Kenya Kilolo Stone Age

Kenya Kilolo Stone was 48 years old when she appeared in Sister Wives or Seeking Sister Wife 2023.

She was the oldest woman that season.

Kenya Kilolo stone work

Kenya Kilolo Stone is a relationship expert and love coach. She founded Progressive Love Academy in 2005 to initiate the paradigm shift necessary for relationships to thrive in a new era of freedom and commitment. Now, the company has certified more than 150 love coaches and tantra practitioners.

In case you are interested, they offer introductory courses from $27 to $47. Also, you can get trainer certificates for $1,197 to $2,997.

Plus, you can also read Kenya’s book Change Your Man, a sister volume to her husband’s Tame Your Woman, if you want to learn more. Or she just listens to her podcast “The Benefit Is Love.”

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As for her education, she received her BA in Education/Child Psychology from the University of Washington DC in 1997. But that’s not all, she has also been practicing yoga, breathing, meditation, tantra, ancient spiritual systems, and metaphysical thinking since she was a child. small. 21 years. .

How Much Is Kenya Kilolo Stone Net Worth?

By 2023, Kenya Kilolo Stone has earned a net worth of over $300 thousand.

Kenya kilolo stone height

Kenya Kilolo Stone is less than 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) tall.

  • When is Kenya Kilolo Stone’s birthday?

Kenya celebrates her birthday on July 21.

  • Where is the Kilolo Stone of Kenya from?

Kenya is from Detroit, Michigan.

But he moved to Washington DC in 1993, then Atlanta, Georgia in 2005, then New York, New York in 2009, and finally Houston, Texas in 2021.

  • Who are the parents of Kenya Kilolo Stone?

Kenya has not revealed her parents.

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