Kayla Cardona Family: Parents, Siblings, Son, Husband

Three words to describe Kayla Cardon are “strong, vulnerable and hardworking.” If you don’t already know, Kayla is one of the luxury realtors who starred in the first season. sunset salederivative series I sell oc.

Being on Netflix or even I sell oc she had never come close to anything Kayla dreamed of for herself in life. This is not her usual job of hers on television. Still, going into it, she vowed that she and her colleagues put themselves and their lives on the table and were very vulnerable. By saying all this, what she wanted to convey to the audience is that they see real estate agents on the screen as real people doing their real job.

With that being said, let’s delve into the story of her family, parents, siblings, son, and husband.

Meet Netflix I sell oc Star Kayla Cardona Family members

At the time of writing this article, we knew about Netflix. I sell oc star Kayla Cardona had parents, a bunch of siblings, and a son. However, it is not clear if she is married or she has been in the past.

Kayla Cardona’s parents

As Kayla Cardona says on her social media, she didn’t have much fun growing up. Yes, by her parents.

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In one such story, Kayla shared how once she realized her son’s self-esteem was low and he was afraid to tell him certain things, she had to look back and see what exactly made her feel the way he did. it felt. She then recalled her own upbringing in a long and elaborate script.

So according to her, Kayla was raised by a very strict father who showed no love and an inconsistent and selfish mother. Since she was always yelling at literally everything, she was forced to keep quiet. At the same time, she was torn between two parents that she constantly lied to to make them happy.

Today, she imagines that if her parents had forced her to open up and not be afraid, things would not have been complicated in her life.

Also, we still didn’t know who his parents were or what they looked like, and what his relationship with Kayla was like now.

Kayla Cardona Brothers and Sisters

Kayla Cardona mentioned that a sister told her about when she was 17 years old and pregnant and had to leave home. And recently on Instagram (@mskaylacardona) she mentioned the two brothers comparing her appearance to her son’s and wrote that the ‘Cardona genes’ are very strong. For whatever reason, Kayla’s sister couldn’t join them in these photos that Kayla shared on IG.

Who is the son of Kayla Cardona?

Kayla Cardona’s son is Jordan Cardona (on IG @itsjordancardona). He turned 15 on December 25, 2021

The mother-son often has people tell them that they are more like an older sister and a younger brother. However, information about the boy’s father was not available at the time of writing this article.

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Kayla was 17 when she found out she was pregnant with Jordan. Her parents, who were very old and traditional, gave her an ultimatum for her to keep the child and leave home or find an adoptive family and stay.

Young and sheltered, that was easy at the time, so Kayla found a family instead. In her seventh month of pregnancy, she woke up one morning and something strong and empowering washed over her. According to her, every part of her soul told her to stay with her child, which she did.

Next thing she was in a youth shelter in Santa Ana, California and completely disappeared from her parents.

And one day, Kayla managed to get out of the shelter. So she finally managed to find her baby’s dad to tell him where she was and why she disappeared. But unfortunately, she found out that he was already married and that his wife was pregnant.

Finally, at this point, Kayla thought she had lost everything. And when she turned 18, she was transferred to another shelter and she thought things would get better from here. She worked, finished high school, got her driver’s license, and saved enough to buy her first car.

But of course this wasn’t easy yet because she had several homeless nights and many toxic relationships waiting for her.

But despite moving every 3-5 months, room after room off Craigslist, with nothing but a mattress, clothes, and a few toys, Kayla and her son managed to get to where they are today.

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And when it comes to her son, she tries very hard to be the best mother she can be.

Does Kayla Cardona have a husband?

According to the internet, Kayla Cardona is also related to these people named: Mia Lopez, 28, Maria Lopez, 70, Michael Cardona, 64, Richard Cardona, and Jessica A Soto, 60. But apparently none of them are possibly her husband. . In fact, Kayla doesn’t seem to have been married before.

Talking about her relationship status, as of 2022, she appeared to be ‘single’.

  • Where do Kayla Cardon’s relatives live?

Kayla Cardone’s family members reportedly hail from Santa Ana, California. While Kayla (as of 2022) had her headquarters in the South Bay, California neighborhood.

  • What is the ethnicity of Kayla Cardone’s family?

Kayla Cardona’s ethnicity is Hispanic or Latino.

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