Who is Sonny Barger? Know Sonny Bargers Family, Net Worth, and More

Who Is Sonny Barger?

Ralph Hubert ‘Sonny’ Barger Junior, commonly known as Sonny Barger, was an American outlaw biker, author and actor. On 8 October 1938, he was born in Modesto, California, the U.S., to his parents, Ralph Hubert Barger and Kathryn Carmella. He grew up with his older sister, Shirley and grandmother. In 1955, he joined the U.S. Army at 16 since he dropped out of school. After returning from Army, he did menial jobs and lived with his father, sister and her children. In 1956, Sonny joined his first Motorcycle Club, the Oakland Panthers. Soon after the club disbanded, he started riding with other groups of bikers and founded his club named Hells Angels on 1 April 1957. Since then, people joining the club must wear the patch, known as Hell Angeles Death’s Head logo. In 1958, sonny proclaimed that he was the national president of Hells Angels when the founder was in prison.


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From 1960 to 1965, Sonny was employed as a machine operator, but later, he was dismissed. From 1966 to 1968, he was arrested for possessing drugs and firearms. From 1970 to 1986, Sonny was arrested and went on trial and imprisonment. Later, on 6 November 1992, he was released from FCI Phoenix Arizona. To celebrate the end of his parole, he held a private party in Livermore on 6 November 1994; 700 guests, including politicians, attended the party. In October 2016, Sonny left Arizona and returned to Oakland chapter. In 2018, he testified in the racketeering trial of Bandidos Motorcycle Club. Sonny also appeared in the television, film, and writing field of career and some of his works in these areas are Hell’s Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs book, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, Gimme Shelter, Hells Angels on Wheels, Hells Angels on Wheels, Hell’s Angels ’69, Sons of Anarchy, and more.

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What Happened To Hells Angels Leader Sonny Barger?

On 29 June 2022, Sonny Barger died of liver cancer at 83 after battling it. He died in his home in Livermore, California. Previously, Sonny had many health issues; In 1983, he was diagnosed with throat cancer; later, he took treatment and was diagnosed. Later, it founded that he had Laryngeal Cancer, and he removed his vocal cords. Later in 2012, he underwent surgery for prostate cancer; since then, he was free of cancer, but in 2022, he died of Liver Cancer.


Sonny Barger 2022

Sonny Barger died on 29 June 2022 because of liver cancer at 83. Sonny was battling liver cancer before he died on 29 June. He was survived by his wife, Zorana. His death was announced on his Facebook Page, and he died at his home in Livermore, California.

Sonny Barger Family

Sonny Barger was survived by his fourth wife, Zorana, to whom he was married on 25 June 2005. Until his death, he was married to Zorana. Sonny was married four times. His first wife was Elsie Mae, who died on 1 February 1967. then, he was married to his second wife, Sharon Gruhlke, whom he married in 1973 and later divorced. Later, he married his third wife, Beth Noel, with whom he had a stepdaughter, Sarrah. It appears that Sonny had a domestic dispute with his third wife and stepdaughter, by which he was arrested for aggravated assault. Later, they got divorced.


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Sonny Barger Net Worth

At the time of Sonny Barger’s death, his net worth is approximately $500,000. His primary income source comes from his riding, author and actor career. He also earned from books, films, and television. Sonny was praised for his role in Hells Angel, which made him a massive success in the entertainment industry.

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