Kate’s Boom Boom Lemon Obsession Explained (And Is It Real?)

While Netflix’s well-trained assassins kate While on her final mission, she’s also on the hunt for the Japanese Boom Boom Lemon soda. Kate tells the story of a skilled killer (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) stationed in Japan who has less than 24 hours to live after being poisoned. She uses this precious time to exact revenge on her supposed poisoner, only to learn that the real culprit is her manager, Varrick (Woody Harrelson).

Kate desperately tracks down Kijima (Jun Kunimura), whom she believes caused her poisoning, while she also searches for a soft drink called Boom Boom Lemon. Throughout the movie, she repeatedly tries to find a drink but fails. With drinks already running out at every vending machine and convenience store, Kate had little hope of trying one last time of any kind until before the final game. When she and Kijima go to rescue his niece Arnie (Miku Martineau), Kijima ends up giving Kate the drink she’s been craving. But why is she so obsessed with finding a number?

Kate’s manager, Varrick, introduced her to Boom Boom Lemon as a child. Since then, she associates the drink with fond memories of the closest thing she’s ever had. The film reveals very little about her real family, but it is speculated that she lost her parents at an early age and that Varik took on the task of taking care of her and training her to be an assassin. This fondness for Varrick, demonstrated by her fondness for carbonated drinks, makes his eventual betrayal all the more heartbreaking. However, despite learning of Varrick’s betrayal, Kate happily drank the Boom Boom Lemon that Kijima gave her for the last time. Although she defeated Varrick and destroyed his campaign, Kate’s feelings for the man who raised her remained.

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kate It might be a violent movie about an assassin, but it’s also a family movie. Kate kidnaps Arnie early on in order to lure Kijima into hiding, while she is haunted by the memory of the last time she saw Arnie, who killed her father. In the months since, Arnie has become heartbroken and lonely. Although their relationship did not work out at first, Kate still protected Ani. Winstead also plays a similar role in that bird of prey Protecting vulnerable children from corrupt characters.exist kateIn 1970, she and Arnie bond over feeling alone in the world, and Kate’s confrontation with Kijima spurs him to take a more active role in taking care of his niece. Even as Kate’s sense of family was shattered by Varrick’s betrayal, she couldn’t help longing for his first gift for her: lemons.

Unfortunately, Boom Boom Lemon is not really a drink. This soda was made for film purposes only, but it really does look like real life. The Japanese drink, CC Lemon, described as “Japan’s number one lemon-flavored carbonated drink for over 20 years” (by Suntory), closely resembles Kate’s favorite drink. Lemon CC is rich in Vitamin C, which unfortunately doesn’t do much for people who are slowly dying from poisoning. kate It may have received negative reviews, but it incorporates fun elements like carbonated drinks to add to the fun of the movie. >

on Netflix kate, the main character is addicted to a Japanese soda called Boom Boom Lemon. While it’s a pity the drink doesn’t exist in real life, its presence throughout the film helps to personify a rather ruthless assassin. Fans were thrilled to see her get to taste it one last time before dying.

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