Kate Hudson Open Up About Her Relationship With Her Ex-Husband Chris Robinson

Kate Hudson recently appeared on Sarah Foster and Erin Foster’s podcast, The World’s First Podcast. During her appearance on the show, she discussed her relationship with ex-husband Chris Robinson. Robinson, according to Hudson, showed her what it means to be “unconditionally loved”. She added that she and Robinson first met when she was 20 years old in New York. Kate said she married him when she was 21, then said:

“Basically, I go into everything I do. People think it’s reckless, but I just say, ‘You know what? I’ll jump right in. I won’t question myself. I love you. he’s crazy. I’m not going to pretend that we should wait.”

Kate Hudson revealed that she loves Chris Robinson and has no doubt about marrying him. She said that she and Chris “admired” each other and were in love. Hudson went on to say that Robinson showed her what it means to be “unconditionally loved”.

According to Fox News, Hudson also stated:

“He was also the one who taught me what it means to be loved unconditionally. Chris literally unlocked my dams…forever. No matter how difficult that relationship was at times, meeting him and him allowed me to understand that feeling was the most important moment for me.”

In August 2006, Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson divorced.

Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson met at a party in New York in 2000, and after a few days they started living together. In December 2000, the couple married in Aspen, Colorado. Their son Ryder was born in January 2004 and the couple quickly became parents. According to E! News, they separated in August 2006 and Chris filed for divorce in November of that year, arguing that the differences were irreconcilable.

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Chris sought joint custody of Ryder, which he was granted in October 2007 when the divorce was finalized. However, in February 2017, he filed a request to have the custody agreement reviewed. An evaluator was hired to speak with the ex-spouse and their children to reach a conclusion and help create a parenting plan that includes legal and physical custody.

Kate Hudson

According to E! News, Hudson was forced to pay $7,500 in appraisal fees. However, the public documents do not explain why Chris requested a reevaluation or what he intends to do. More information is awaited about custody of the duo’s son. Kate Hudson has appeared in films such as Fool’s Gold, Bride Wars, The Skeleton Key, Nine, Glass Onion, Mother’s Day and others. On the other hand, Chris Robinson is a member of the Black Crows. He has also released solo material such as New Earth Mud, Bootleg, This Magnificent Distance and others.

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