Kas Jo Mizerak Bio, Age, Job, Paul Staehle GF, Who Is She?

Kas Jo Mizerak is rumored to be Paul Staehle’s mistress. She first appeared in the spotlight in May 2022 after the ex-fiancé of 90 days took him to her IG to share a series of photos of himself flaunting the “new boyfriend of his” of he.

So who is Paul’s rumored girlfriend? He continues reading this “Kas Jo Mizerak Biography” to know everything about her.

Meet Kas Jo Mizerak, Paul Staehle’s Rumored 90 Day Fiancé

Kas was the mysterious, dark-haired, tattooed woman who first appeared in Paul Staehle’s IG post dated May 27, 2022. The post featured a series of images in which the duo appeared to go for a walk and then spend some time together.

However, despite the ex 90 day fiancé letting his fans into his private life, the comment section was disabled on his post. But on the other hand, she already tagged Kas and wrote: “Met a new friend.”

So, of course, fans took to Kasi’s IG profile to find out that she also shared a selfie of her and Paul together in a car, with the caption: “Nice to meet a new friend @pauljasonstaehle #90dayfiance #tlc #groovy @tlc.”

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But unlike Paul, Kas didn’t turn off comments until later. Thus came the fans of 90 Day Fiance who flooded his page with speculation about his relationship with Paul.

Are Paul Staehle and Kas Jo Mizerak really dating?

No, Kas Jo Mizerak and Paul Staehle are not dating!

Before Kas disabled comments on his IG post, one fan commented, “You two are cute,” while another wrote, “Ignore all the negativity…everyone will have their own opinion but the only thing that matters is them.” two”. of you.”

But the comment that Kas specifically chose to respond to was from a follower who wrote: “Is she with him? Is she still married?”

“No, we’re friends,” Kas replied. there you go

Also, her relationship status on Facebook at the time mentioned that she was “single.”

The rumors about Kas and Paul surfaced almost 6 months after Paul’s stormy relationship with his wife Karine ended forever. The ex-husband and wife debuted in August 2017 on the first season of the 90 Day Fiance spinoff. Since then, they have shared their entire journey with the TLC franchise, from their November 3, 2017 wedding to welcoming their children, son Pierre in 2019 and son Ethan in 2021.

In July 2020, the couple left the show after a very public falling out to focus on their marital issues. Unfortunately, they were never able to reconcile and split for good after an alleged incident of domestic violence between the couple surfaced on Instagram in December 2021.

After their split, Paul was reportedly spotted on Tinder in Orlando, Florida. And it wasn’t a catfish bill. Some Reddit users also pointed out that the Tinder profile in question also has a blue “verified” checkmark.

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Kas Jo Mizerak Dob

Kas was 22 years old in 2022.

She is 17 years younger than her rumored boyfriend Paul Staehle.

Work by Kas Jo Mizerak

Kas Jo Mizerak is an apprentice tattoo artist. He has been practicing his art at Jekyll and Hyde Tattoos since 2022.

Before that, he got a job at Guitar Center for 2 months.

Also, from Fen 2018 to July 2020, Kas worked as a manager at Treasures & Pleasures.

In terms of education, he attended Castle High from 2014 to 2018.

Here is his LinkedIn.

Is Kas Jo Mizerak on Instagram?

Yes, find Kas on Instagram @kas__idy.

Also here is his Snapchat @kasidy_mizerak, TikTok @kas__idy and Facebook @kasidy.mizerak

Kas Jo Mizerak Tattoos

Kas Jo Mizerak is a fan of tattoos. So it’s obvious that he covered his body with a work of art. However, most of his tattoos are leaves, branches, and flowers, which covered his hands, arms, and shoulders.

Trotting Jo Mizerak Visina

The trot stands under 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm) tall.

  • When is Kas Jo Mizerak’s birthday?

Kas receives birthday cards on September 17.

  • What do we know about the Kas Jo Mizerak family?

Kas comes from a family of six: herself, her parents (Laura Mizerak and an anonymous father), and three siblings (Katie, Tyler, and Tanner).

Speaking of each of them, Kasa’s mom, Laura, turned 53 on June 24, 2021. She is from Bedford, Indiana and graduated from Vincennes University. Last we checked, she was working as a “registered sleep technologist” at Good Samaritan Hospital, Vincennes In.

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“My best friend. My soul. Congratulations on keeping my wild ass in check,” Kas said of her mother.

As for her siblings, Katie graduated from Southern Indiana University and later worked as a teaching assistant at Noahs Ark Christian Preschool; Tyler (born October 17, 1989) worked as a polysomnography technologist at St. Mary’s Medical Center; and Tanner (born June 1, 1993) worked as an area manager at FedEx Ground.

Also, Tyler and Tanner are already married. Tyler lived in Bedford, Indiana with his wife Christina Mizerak, while Tanner lived in Chandler, Indiana with his wife Angel Mizerak and his two children.

  • Where is Kas Jo Mizerak from?

Kas is a native of Newburgh, Indiana. It wasn’t until 2021 that he moved to Lakeland, Florida.

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