Kaley Cuoco Explains Why She Can’t Do Love Scenes After Big Bang Theory

backside The Big Bang TheoryKaley Cuoco is not available at flight attendant She explained why. The actress played Penny on the hit CBS sitcom for 12 years, which ended in 2019. Since then, she’s moved on to HBO’s dark comedy Max, where she not only starred as Cassie but He also acts as a production manager.

Cuoco’s Penny is the only female protagonist The Big Bang Theory For a long time, until Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik’s Bernie and Amy became the main cast of the series at the beginning of season 4. So the actress has spent the past 12 years focusing on sitcoms and not many years of other work. Coming out of this incident, she has many doubts which is understandable. Cuoco has previously admitted that she fears no one will take her seriously after her long tenure. The Big Bang TheoryBut in addition, she also has difficulty in her acting work, especially in intimate scenes.

say while hollywood reporterCuoco is candid about what she first revealed at the Comedians Roundtable flight attendant Co-star Michelle Huisman. She admits that she has trouble doing sex scenes because of her “Not at all to my liking.” She didn’t know what to do because The Big Bang Theory There has really never been a need for such a more realistic intimate scene.

“I just don’t know. When they called ‘cut,’ I would hover over him like I was going to the bathroom. I said, ‘I don’t touch anything, I don’t look at anything. What.

“I do not know what to do. [Huisman] Like, ‘You’re acting weird, you’re making this way weirder than it should be. ‘”

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What’s interesting about this revelation is that Penny is often depicted as a sexual being. The Big Bang Theory – especially in the first few seasons. She is called by names, mainly Sheldon, and often receives inappropriate comments about women. Penny is also very sexy, as is the way she dresses in the early years of the show. But while Penny loves hanging out with the boys, she doesn’t jump into bed the way she shows on the sitcom. After realizing she loves Leonard, she remains loyal to him. overtime, The Big Bang Theory Start developing Penny’s character in different ways, making her a more holistic person. However, from time to time, Sheldon still makes derogatory remarks about her and her previous romantic choices.

Cuoco insists she will have fun playing Penny for many years The Big Bang Theory keep running. The sitcom was unexpectedly canceled after Jim Parsons decided he wanted to do something other than sitcoms. Instead of continuing with the incomplete cast, they decided to wrap things up. Although this is a difficult time for Cuoco, the transition to flight attendant It was probably one of the best things she was able to do in her career, as she received a lot of praise after the show’s first season.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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