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Meet Julia Evans, girlfriend of darts master Raymond van Barneveld.

Five-time world champion Raymond van Barneveld returned to the world of darts after retiring in the first round after losing to Darin Young at the 2020 World Championship. But he made a triumphant return to Alexandra Palace, defeating Lawrence Ilagan 3-0 to set up an intriguing second-round meeting with Rob Cross.

But the focus is not only on him, but also on his girlfriend. Raymond is currently dating Julia, who is his lover and also an assistant manager. He learns more about their relationship in this biography by Julia Evans.

Here you will also find your age, birthday and job. So bookmark this article to know more about her.

Meet Julia Evans, Raymond van Barneveld’s girlfriend

Raymond van Barneveld began dating his girlfriend Julia Evans in April 2019. They reportedly met at a darts tournament in Southampton and have been together ever since. But The Sun reported that he caught them kissing in the lobby of the Devon Hotel in February of that year.

Paparazzi spotted them vacationing at Disneyland Paris in early 2019.

While speaking to ‘Art About the Floor,’ Julia revealed, “We started talking and chatting with each other for a while. There was a real click, which also surprised me.”

She continued: “He is patient and kind. I understand and I think we get along well. I want to grow old with him, I don’t rule out marriage.”

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Previously married, Raymond ended his marriage to his ex-wife Silvia. They remained married for 25 years. They divorced in January 2019. As of December 2021 they are in the process of divorcing. The end of the Dutch marriage was announced shortly after it was filmed with Julia. A spokesperson revealed to The Sun: “I cannot speak for Silvia but they have been working on a divorce for several months. They want to do it at their own pace.”

The spokesperson also revealed that they have started living their lives but with a good mutual understanding.

Their marriage came under fire in the summer of 2018 when Raymond was in Scotland for a competition, while Sylvia was robbed at gunpoint at her home in The Hague, Netherlands. After the incident, the Dart legend shared: “My marriage is in big trouble. That’s where it takes its toll. Especially when your own home is robbed. My wife had a loaded gun pointed at her head in June.”

Raymond commented that his wife did not want to live in that house because the incident scared her. She believed that she had failed his wife.

Julia Evans Age

As of this writing in December 2021, Julia Evans is 37 years old. So, she is 17 years younger than Raymond, who turned 54 in 2021.

The work of Julia Evans

Talking about her job, Julia Evans previously worked as a station supervisor for London Transport.

She wrote on her LinkedIn: “I contribute to the delivery of a world-class service by responding to and managing operational incidents following London Underground rules and procedures to ensure the safety of customers and staff at all times.” She made sure the shuttle continued or the station reopened safely and quickly.

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“Ability to understand London Underground customer service objectives and organize and conduct regular Team Talk meetings for staff.”

Julia worked as a station supervisor from February 2005 to October 2020.

But from January 2021, Julia started working as an assistant manager for her boyfriend Raymond van Barneveld Darts BV. After news of her relationship broke earlier this year, her manager Jaco van Bodegom confirmed that Julia is working as a manager in London.

His duties included hosting meetings in person or via Zoom, managing his calendar, and keeping other team members informed. Julia also kept up to date with current travel restrictions and regulations, making sure we were compliant with all requirements. In addition, she also planned and booked trips to different places and countries.

Is Julia Evans on IG, Facebook?

Julia Evans does not appear to be available on Instagram or Facebook.

  • When is Julia Evans’ birthday?

Julia Evans celebrates her birthday on February 6. Raymond wished her on her Instagram, writing: “Today is the birthday of the love of my life Julia. Julia, I love you very much, I wish you a happy birthday, hugs and kisses from Germany”.

  • Where is Julia Evans from?

Julia Evans is British and comes from England.

  • How tall is Julia Evans?

Julia Evans is tall with a height of 5 feet 7 inches.

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