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The teenage son of singer Solange Julez Smith Jr. has denied rumors that he will become a father. Despite leaking messages on social media, he denied welcoming his first child. It became a trending topic on April 11, 2022 after screenshots of alleged text messages between Julez and an OnlyFans named Adore circulated.

Among the messages Adore and Julez exchanged, Adore says, “I can’t wait until we have a child.” To which Julez replies: “I love him very much.” Adore suggests, “Let’s do one,” and Julez replies, “Give me about 10 more months.”

Additionally, Adore informs Julez that if they have unprotected sex, she will not consider an abortion or take the Plan B pill. A message they exchanged later implied that the two may have met, and Adore stood by her statement.

Julez later stated that her decision “makes you a lot less attractive”, prompting a heated exchange and text messages for the public to see.

As the text messages spread like wildfire, Julez quelled the rumors by sharing screenshots of the alleged exchange along with the following text: “Now I usually wouldn’t talk about these typical things, but I won’t let you this time.” my family for something I invented. This message is from today, she wants all of you to know that it is fake..”

Meet Julez Smith Jr., Solange’s son

Julez is the son of singer Solange, whom he gave birth to as a teenager. She was 17 years old and in high school at the time, and her father, Daniel Smith, was 19 years old and the high school boyfriend of her mother’s.

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Jules’ first unannounced appearance came courtesy of Destiny’s Child when Solange showed off her pregnant belly in the group’s “Soldier” music video. In addition, she became the subject of a song on Solange Sol-Angel and Hadley’s 2008 album St. Dreams under the name “An Ode to Julez”.

In a 2017 Elle magazine cover story, The Almeda The singer opened up about her early pregnancy and explained how she had to immediately adjust to her new role as a mother. “It was one of the most bittersweet moments of my life,” she said Solange. “Because I had a huge crush on Julez and because I spent a lot of time on the road, I longed to be somewhere, to have the chance to really connect with him.”

2004 was a turning point in her life, as she became a mother for the first time and lost her childhood friend, Marsai Song, who was killed in a drive-by shooting.

“Seventeen will be the hardest year of your life,” Solange wrote to herself. teen fashion. “You’ll grow up almost immediately. You’ll lose your best friend you love so much to gun violence in a moment, and give birth to a new one a year from now.”

“You will be terrified and it is okay not to know what the future holds,” he added. “Some people will ignore you for the decision you made to bring another life into the world at such a young age, but you made that decision out of love and you will live with that decision in love.”

Solange managed to keep her son out of the public eye. However, she did have several public appearances. In 2010, she joined her uncle Jay-Z and Rihanna at the Grammy Awards. She was 5 years old at the time after Jay and Rhi’s song “Run This Town” won a Grammy for Best Rap/Vocal Collaboration.

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Daniel and Solange got married the same year that she gave birth to him (2004). But the marriage lasted less than three years and they divorced in 2007. In an interview with Brooklyn Magazine, he said that she did everything she could to raise her son. In October 2020, Julez celebrated his sweet 16th birthday at his aunt Beyoncé’s house.

They hosted the event at their $88 million Bel Air estate.

Does Julez Smith Jr have siblings?

No, Julez Smith Jr. has no siblings, at least on his mother’s side. He is the only son born to his mother Solange.

Julez Smith Jr. height

Speaking of height, Julez Smith stood over 5 feet 10 inches.

Julez Smith Jr.’s girlfriend

Julez Smith Jr. previously dated Disney Channel star Skai Jackson, his secret ex-girlfriend. However, they ended their relationship after Skai allegedly cheated on Julez. A leaked group chat suggested the two were seriously involved, but she cheated on him and he got his revenge on her.

“I made sure to ruin his life,” he allegedly wrote in a message. “I fucked her good and hooked her up, then dumped her. It’s complicated.” Another interviewee noted their two-year age difference, but Djulez didn’t seem concerned. He said: “Age doesn’t matter.”

Skai also appeared in a raunchy video. Julez has been accused of sharing the video, which some have compared to revenge porn. However, it is not known who posted it on social media.

When asked if they were still friends, he replied, “Fuck no.”

A separate set of direct messages between Julez and an unknown person have been circulating on social media, in which Julez seems to have warmed up when an anonymous person responded: “You’ve done a lot more, let’s see what the judge says about it.” that,” in response, Julez said, “My aunt is Beyoncé, you really think I’m going to get sued, guess next time you fucking idiot.”

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Is Julez Smith Jr on Instagram?

Yes, Julez Smith Jr is on Instagram (@julezjsmithjr) and (@iamjulezjsmith).

Work of Julez Smith Jr.

There is no employment information for Julez Smith Jr.

Julez Smith Jr. Net Worth

Julez Smith Jr. net worth should be less than 100 thousand. Meanwhile, his mother is worth $9 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

  • How old is Julez Smith Jr?

Julez Smith Jr was born on October 18, 2004. He is currently 17 years old.

  • Where does Julez Smith Jr live?

Julez Smith Jr. might live in Los Angeles, California, but this has yet to be confirmed.

  • Are Julez Smith Jr.’s eyes blue?

Yes, Julez Smith Jr.’s eyes are blue. This is one of his distinctive features.

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