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Judith Brown Biography – Judith Brown Wiki

Judith Brown was a caregiver. She is the seventh wife of Jerry Lee Lewis (also known as The Killer), a renowned American singer, songwriter, and pianist. On Friday, October 28, 2022, it was reported that Jerry Lee Lewis at the age of 87. His death came days after it was falsely reported that had Lewis died on October 26, 2022. His publicist had said amid the fake news: “Jerry Lee Lewis is alive. TMZ reported erroneously off of an anonymous tip.”

Jerry Lee Lewis has been described as “Rock and roll’s first great wild man and one of the most influential pianists of the 20th century.” The rock and roll pioneer enjoyed a long music career and he has been in the music industry for over five decades. He worked with labels like Sun, Smash, Mercury, Sire, Warner Bros, and MCA.

Judith Brown Age

Judith Brown is in her 70s. She was born in the United States. Her husband Jerry Lee Lewis was born on September 29, 1935, in Ferriday, Louisiana, United States.

Jerry Lee Lewis Wife Judith Brown

Judith Brown is the wife of the late rock and roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis. The couple has known each other for many years. They first met Lewis at Jerry Lee Lewis’ concert in Los Angeles, United States, which she attended with her ex-husband, Rusty. Judith was 25 years old when they met.

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Speaking about their first meeting Judith told Democrat: “We went to the show and Jerry just looked at me and said [to Rusty], ‘If you don’t marry her, I will.’ I didn’t think much of it back then, but looking back, who would have thought we would end up together?”

The couple was married on March 9, 2012. Judith was previously married to her ex-husband Rusty, the brother of Lewis’ third wife, Myra Gale Brown. Prior to his marriage with Judith, Jerry Lee Lewis was married six times. He first got hitched when he was 16 years old to Dorothy Barton in 1952. He later married Jane Mitchum, Myra Gale Brown, Jaren Elizabeth Gunn Pate, Shawn Stephens, and Karrie McCarver.

Jerry Lee Lewis Death

Jerry Lee Lewis died on October 28, 2022, in DeSoto County, Mississippi, United States. He was 87 years old. Zach Farnum, the publicist for Jerry Lee Lewis, said in a statement: “He was there at the beginning, with Elvis, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Carl Perkins, Fats Domino, Buddy Holly, and the rest, and watched them fade away one by one till it was him alone to bear witness, and sing of the birth of rock’n’roll.”

Fans and friends have expressed their condolences to Jerry Lee Lewis’ family following his death, Sun Records said in a tweet: “The Sun Records family is saddened to hear about the passing of Jerry Lee Lewis. Thank you Jerry Lee for being who you were. Your music will be appreciated forever.”

Jerry Lee Lewis Cause of Death

Jerry Lee Lewis’ cause of death was not revealed. In 2019, the singer suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed in his right hand.

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Judith Brown Net Worth

Judith Brown’s net worth is unclear. Her husband Jerry Lee Lewis has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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