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The newly launched Netflix American Chase: The Boston Marathon Bombing the documentary is “full vision but difficult”, they say. And indeed it should be as he describes one of the most shocking and unforgettable tragedies in Boston history. The three-part series chronicles the approximately 101 hours from the moment the first bomb exploded until the capture of the terrorist brothers responsible for the attack on that day, April 15, 2013. In the continuation of the text, we will talk about John Allan, that he is one of the few who knew Tamerlan Tsarnaev before the attack.

If Tamerlan Tsarnaev had not thought about the terrible terrorist attack, he could have participated in the Olympics. Yes, Tamerlan, the brother of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was passionate about boxing and even thought to experience the Olympics. And John Allan, who this writing is based on, is actually someone who has known Tamerlane ever since.

John was working as a trainer at the Wai Kru Gym in Boston, Massachusetts when he first met Tamerlan. It was 2008 at the time. Speaking to Netflix cameras, John said Tamerlan came across to him as a “typical” American teenager and a “hard worker” who refused to back down “in the face of adversity.” So from what he said, Tamerlan was coming to the gym with a friend, who asked John to train him for the Golder Gloves circuit. He did so and eventually Tamerlan began to gain fame in the boxing arena. Later, he even decided to train for the Olympics, and at one point, when he was eligible to represent the United States, a sudden rule change prohibited him from participating in the event. John, his trainer at the time, told Netflix that at the time, Tamerlan felt the state was treating him differently just because he was a Muslim. “Extremely disappointed” is what the Olympic hopeful said according to John.

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From then on, Tamerlane deepened his faith and gradually began to become an extremist. Then the time came in 2012 when Tamerlan went on a trip to Russia and Dagestan. Upon his return, Ivan discovered that Tamerlan had completely changed. He soon left the training and the two saw each other from time to time.

Where is John Allan now?

Exactly ten days before the Boston Marathon bombing, Tamerlan visited John with his daughter. The stop was quite normal. The two played music and even talked about the former’s future in boxing. However, John picked up on the “something seems to be wrong” vibes. In hindsight, he believes that Tamerlane had already planned the entire attack by then. Even so, John said he was still pretty shaken when authorities found Tamerlan and his brother responsible for the bombing.

Fast forward to now, John’s wai kru mixed martial arts the gym stayed in business through thick and thin after several disastrous years. A few weeks after the bombing, one of John’s instructors left, taking dozens of clients with him. As a result, monthly income dropped as much as $8,000, and the gym, which offered free after-school programs for high school students, also ran into other financial problems. So all these years John has been connecting instead wai kru with the likes of Doomsday, a rising star in the UFC, not Tamerlane and the bombing or triple homicide that left three gym members dead in 2011.

John Allan Age

Often black Wai Kru hoodies, blue Adidas tracksuits, and a black Wai Kru baseball cap with details of John’s age, including his previously unknown birthday.

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John Allan’s work

Although the Boston Marathon bombing took a toll on John Allan, he continued to train future boxers. He is still the owner today wai kru gym, which according to its social media pages is a muay thai, boxing, jiu-jitsu, mixed martial arts, and wrestling gym located in Boston, Massachusetts.

It’s fair to say that he never stopped working as an MMA coach despite all the problems he was going through. In 2016, he also worked significantly as a consultant on the 2016 film. patriot day.

Is John Allan married?

John Allan married his stunning German fiancée probably before 2015. Her name is Katharina A. Hann.

On November 24, 2015, John wrote this anniversary “Happy Anniversary to the love of my life Katharina H. Allan” on his social media wall. So from this, we can at least conclude that he didn’t make her his wife in 2015.

Not much is known about Katharina. In fact, it was also unknown at the time if she and John were still together or married.

  • Where is John Allan from?

John Allan is originally from Walpole, Massachusetts. However, as of 2023, he was living in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Is John Allan on Instagram and Facebook?

John Allan hasn’t been on Instagram since April 13, 2023. And while he could be found on Facebook, he rarely appeared here.

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