Joe Millionaire: Sara Rose ‘Happy’ She Didn’t End Up With Either Man

Sara Rose doesn’t care about Kurt or Steven millionaire joe And expressed relief at not having to date them on Twitter after being disqualified. Sara appears to be on a reality dating show in search of a millionaire and, as Kurt suggests, hopes to promote her Instagram. She’s been open about her deep insecurities, feeling she’s not as pretty as the other girls on the show, and admits that she has issues with being abandoned by her mother. The contestants had trouble connecting with any of them, and before being eliminated in episode 2, Sara pulled Kurt aside to write him a letter in hopes of saving herself from being kicked out. go home.

However, she was unable to save herself from being eliminated millionaire joeThe third volume of . Steven and Kurt sent Sara with her after contestant Rachel Vinson went home on her own after being unable to make it to the show. During the boat date, Sara can’t seem to connect with any of the boys, so when the girls return to the mansion, Sara turns to another person, a member of the show’s crew. When host Martin Andrews overhears Sara telling one of the girls that she likes crew member Winston, he quickly reports it to Kurt and Steven, who then decide to take her. go home.

While some of the other girls suffered from being sent home, Sara was not distracted and went to Twitter explain why. Kurt tweeted his best wishes to Sara and Winston, and the contestant responded with a photo of Winston taken from his Instagram account. One fan of the show accused Sarah of suffering over her disqualification. However, she immediately stopped him and said, “No honey, I’m glad my 22-year-old ass isn’t dating a cowboy and a 40-year-old.

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Sarah tweeted about Steven’s ranch business and love of horseback riding and wearing cowboy boots. On the other hand, Kurt, who is 10 years older than Sarah, fooled many contestants into thinking he was worth $10 million. She seemed amused as the pair took Sara home, even laughing in the car as they left. millionaire joe build. Sara even tagged Winston on her Instagram Story, which the cast member retweeted, proving she’s given up hope of dating him.

While most of the girls on the show are looking for love, that’s clearly not the case for Sara. While no one wants to be sent home on a reality TV show, it’s best if she’s not there for the right reasons. Sarah’s absence will give girls looking for love a better chance to connect with guys. But from what the show has shown viewers so far, it seems Sara isn’t the only one for money and fame. If Kurt and Steven want to find a relationship based on true love, perhaps they also need to keep an eye on some of the other contestants.

millionaire joe It airs every Thursday at 8pm on FOX.

source: sarah rose/Twitter

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