Joe Locke And Kit Connor: Dating, Friends Or Simply Co-Stars?

Netflix has given fans another hit series “Heartstopper.” It was beautiful, charming, and most of all, the fans fell in love with the characters. More specifically, fans fell in love with the movie relationship between Joe Locke and Kit Connor.

So many of us think, are they an item in real life? Is there something between Joe and Kit outside of the TV series? Let’s dig into this question.

Are “Heartstopper” stars Joe Locke and Kit Connor dating in real life?

the new netflix series stopshearts is a teen drama about students. The two main roles in the series are Joe Locke, who appears in the series as Charlie Spring, and Kit Connor, who plays the role of Nick Nelson. The show is an adaptation by writer Alice Oseman of her graphic novel series of the same name.

It follows 14-year-old Charlie as she develops feelings for popular rugby player Nick after two relationships over whether or not writing homework on her way to math is appropriate. He is undeniably welcoming and wholesome, and by the end of his fast-paced eight episodes, you’ll feel like you’ve been given a warm hug.

Charlie is out of school now and has been bullied for it, but he seems to have found a group of friends who appreciate his movie nights and they send each other a lot of DMs. (There are a lot of on-screen messages in this one, and it’s very effective to see people typing, deleting, redoing, and deleting their replies again.)

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Ben, Charlie’s secret boyfriend, meets him in the library during recess, but attacks him when no one else is around. Nick comes to his rescue when Ben starts acting cold towards him and wins the girl over, then puts him down while they are together, and their friendship slowly turns into something more.

That’s very good. With periods of animation, it pays homage to its beginnings as a visual novel, especially when emotions are running high. Hands almost touch; cartoon lightning bolts crackle between them. Hearts burst in the air when Charlie’s friend, Elle, wonders if she loves her other friend, Taa.

Seems to be a new version of Hollyoaks with an art school twist. There are some minor skirmishes between Charlie’s friends, but the main focus is on Charlie and Nick. With the exception of the parents and Stephen Fry, who appears as the Headmaster yelling about the Tannoy, the adults are virtually non-existent.

During the conversation with ParagraphJoe and Kit also reminisced about their on-screen kiss during rehearsal.

“I drank a lot of coffee, but I feel like it’s just a part of me!” Joe admitted in an interview. “I would come [on set] and I drink coffee right away because it couldn’t work.” Kit says with a smile, “That meant there were some kissing scenes where I was heavily punished…”

“This makes me sound like a really bad person!” exclaims Joe. “I had gum, I had gum!” Kit continues: “Yeah, there was a moment where you were surprised and said, ‘Okay, we have to rehearse this kiss scene…’

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The chemistry between the two is undeniable. So fans wondered if they are dating in real life. Are Joe Locke and Kit Connor dating in real life? Continue reading to learn more.

Are “Heartstopper” stars Joe Locke and Kit Connor friends?

No, stopshearts stars Joe Locke and Kit Connor are not in any romantic relationship. Your relationship can be labeled as “friends” and “colleagues” and nothing else. Fans who liked the series so much began to follow the stars and closely observe the details of the relationship.

According to followers, Joe might be dating his fellow star, Sebastian Croft. The rumors of their romance started when fans realized that Joe and Sebastian were cast members who shared a lot of photos together. Fans were confused about their relationship status after seeing the two photos.

Joe Locke’s Instagram feed has one such photo. Joe and Sebastian are wearing matching jackets in the photo, but there’s nothing in the image to suggest a relationship. Sebastian Croft’s Instagram page has another image. Joe and Sebastian were filmed hugging and smiling for the camera. There is nothing in the photo to indicate that they are a couple. In fact, both Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft appear to be single.

But fans loved their relationship on the show. As a thank you, they also read the comments from fans about the show.

They also appeared on social media, but only as friends.

Have Joe Locke and Kit Connor starred in other projects besides Heartstopper?

For Joe Locke and Kit Connor, this is the first project they’ve worked on together, according to their IMDB profile. But since fans love how they complement each other on screen, this could be one of many shows they could star in together if the producers decide to listen to the fans.

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