Joaquim Valente Age, Net Worth, Nationality, Who Is He?

Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen has been one of the highest paid models in the world since 2001.

In 2007, she was the 16th-richest woman in the entertainment industry and ranked No. 1 on Forbes’ list of the highest-paid models in 2012. Later, in 2014, Forbes included her on the list of the 89 Most Powerful Women in the World. world. But did you know that she has recently been made famous by her muscular jiu-jitsu instructor, Joaquim Valente? In fact, she and Joaquim were also linked after her sudden separation from Tom Brady after 13 years of marriage.

So who is Joaquim Valente? Here is everything you need to know about him.

Meet Joaquim Valente, the rumored boyfriend of Gisele Bündchen

Joaquim Valente was all smiles as he met a group of friends, including Gisele Bündchen, for lunch in Houston in North Miami Beach on November 17, 2022. Photos from the outing were compiled by Page Six. That day, Gisele wore an all-green outfit, a long-sleeved top and pants, while Joaquim combined the look with white tennis shoes and a black watch. But most importantly, the two were photographed sharing a meal at Koji in the Province of Puntarenas. Gisele’s two children, Benjamin, 12, and Vivian, 9, and Valente’s co-trainer, Jordan, were also there, enjoying the meal.

Furthermore, news of their romance surfaced after Gisele’s shock split from Tom Brady, whom she married on February 26, 2009. The two also brought two children into their lives, a son (born 2009) and a daughter. (born in 2012). . . The divorce was finalized on October 28, 2022. Prior to that, in December 2020, the couple reportedly purchased a home in Indian Creek, Florida.

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Anyway, back to the Gisele-Joaquim romance rumors, a Brazilian gossip site claims that the two are one thing. However, a source told Page Six that the relationship talk is completely false. The source explained that Joaquim and her two brothers have been teaching Gisele and her children martial arts for the past year and a half and are traveling with the model and her family while the children are being homeschooled.

However, Page Six has also previously reported that while sources insist the model is not dating him, the photos of the two are designed to send a message to her estranged husband.

Even Gisele admitted that she met Joaquim through her son. He said that a friend of his had told him about the Valente brothers and their martial arts school, and that he wanted to point his almost-teenage son in the right direction. And although she didn’t think so herself at first, she soon realized that her time with Joaquim was much more than her own defense. She said that he got her interested in philosophy.

Together, Gisele and her instructor even posed for a sexy photo shoot for Dust magazine last year.

Joaquim Valente net worth

Joaquim Valente’s net worth was approximately $4 million as of 2022.

On his LinkedIn, he introduces himself as one of the teachers at his family property. Jiu-Jitsu Brothers Valente.

Talking about his education, from 2007 to 2011 Joaquim studied BS in Criminology at Barry University.

Joaquim Valente Age

Since Joaquim Valente was born in 1989, he will turn 33 in 2022.

His last name Valente, if you know it, means brave in Portuguese.

What nationality is Joaquim Valente?

Joaquim Valente in the Brazilian. He moved to Miami in 2007 to study criminology at Barry University, where he quickly impressed everyone with his unique technique, outstanding teaching skills, and exceptional charisma.

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joaquim valente brother

So, Joaquim Valente is the youngest of the Valente brothers. He was born after his brothers Pedro Jr. and Guilherme or Gui.

Pedro Jr. moved to the United States to attend the University of Miami School of Business Administration. He was then 18 years old. During this time, Pedro was carefully prepared not only for life in the United States, but also for the introduction of the art of jūjutsu to Miami. Thus, in 1993, Pedro received his instructor certificate at Gracie Academy and began teaching in Miami. The same organization is now considered the foundation of the Valenta brothers in Miami, exactly 40 years after the Valenta family joined the Gracie Academy in Rio de Janeiro. In 1995, with instrumental help from Rorion and Royce Gracie, he founded a jūjutsu club at the University of Miami, where he taught various students and faculty.

In 1999 another brother, Gui, also moved to South Florida to attend Barry University and help his brother with the Academy. Gui Valente’s addition to the school was instrumental in the tremendous growth the academy would experience in the years to come.

Among the Valente brothers, Pedro Jr. was the one who flew to Los Angeles to attend a Royce Gracie seminar in 2010, where he taught some moves to athletes like Kaká and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Joaquim Valente height

Joaquim Valente is 6 feet 2 inches tall.

  • When is Joaquim Valente’s birthday?

Joaquim Valente’s birthday is November 7. As a Scorpio born on this day, he must possess intelligence and spirituality in equal measure.

  • What do we know about Joaquim Valente’s parents?

Joaquim Valente and his brothers Pedro and Gui were born into the jūjutsu tradition. They started learning jūjutsu from their father before they could walk. At the age of two, these brothers were already taking private lessons from Grand Master Hélio Gracie. Growing up, they trained daily at the Gracie Academy in Rio de Janeiro.

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Joaquim’s father, Pedro Sr., who no longer exists, always wanted his sons to learn jūjutsu as a complete fighting system. From a very young age, the Valente brothers also practiced punching and throwing techniques, boxing, and jūdō.

This is how the practice of jūjutsu is passed down between three generations of the Valente family.

Joaquim’s father practiced this for a good part of his youth. This, in turn, helped provide him with a powerful tool to deal not only with bullies, but also as a source of confidence necessary to become one of the most successful surgeons in Brazil. He passed away at the age of 78 probably in May of 2016. Red Belt Pedro Sr. was a famous plastic surgeon. He, too, played in several big games after five decades of coaching under the direct direction of Helio Gracie.

  • Is Joaquim Valente on Instagram?

Joaquim Valente was not on Instagram until 2022. But he did have a Twitter account @JoaquimValente with 1017 followers as of November 20, 2022. He seemed to drop his tweets here from time to time.

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