Jessenia Cruz Discussed Her Emotional Experience In “Bachelor in Paradise”

Jessenia Cruz, a popular Bachelor Nation alumnus, returned for Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise earlier this year. Cruz originally appeared in the fourth week of the eighth season of the reality dating show. She quickly developed a deep relationship with Andrew Spencer. However, that relationship did not last long as Andrew still had unresolved feelings for Teddy Wright. Cruz left Bachelor in Paradise season 8, episode 14, which aired on the ABC network on November 15, 2022, after learning of this.

Jessenia Cruz opened up about her emotional experience on Bachelor in Paradise this season in a recent interview with Click Bait. Bachelor Nation released the interview on YouTube on November 19, 2022. Cruz commented in the interview, recalling the day she went to the beach:

“When I arrived, I saw how much energy there was.”

Keep reading to find out what else Jessenia revealed in her interview with Click Bait. Andrew Spencer “definitely struggles” with his love for Teddy, according to Bachelor Nation star Jessenia Cruz.

What happened between Cruz and Spencer?

Things were going well for Jessenia Cruz and Andrew Spencer until a newcomer to the beach named Ency Abedin arrived. Andrew immediately likes her, and when she dates him, he begins to question his feelings for her. When questioned by Cruz, Andrew stated that he still had feelings for Teddy Wright and therefore could not continue his journey to heaven. After that, Spencer left Heaven, despite Ency Abedin’s earnest pleas. Jessenia Cruz also left the show in the same episode after realizing how Andrew was feeling.

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What did Jessenia Cruz say in the interview?

Cruz began her Click Bait interview by claiming that she hasn’t enjoyed the atmosphere of the season since arriving at the beach. She stated:

“I will tell you, there are moments on the beach where I really miss my cast from last season. We seemed much better on the way back. We may have a tough day, but the next day we will start fresh. This actor had a hard time recovering.

Cruz expressed her thoughts after learning Andrew’s love for Teddy, saying:

“I wouldn’t blame them for that, but Andrew seems to struggle with that. I’m not sure if he still thinks about Teddi when we talk. It was as much of a surprise to me as it was to everyone else during our conversation. I knew they were connected, but I didn’t know he was still involved as much.”

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Jessenia went on to say that while she doesn’t blame Andrew for feeling that way, he should have expressed it earlier in the season:

“I remember thinking I didn’t blame him when he finally found out where his head had been a long time ago. He has every right to feel that way. I just wish he realized it sooner. Because I could have gone a completely different path.”

Jessenia Cruz

During a conversation with Andrew, Cruz talked about a few possible warning signs:

“I certainly have been worried at times about the slow pace. There are times when I remember some conversations being amazing and making significant progress. However, the next day Andrew spent more time with his friends than with me. That’s when things started to make sense to me.”

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Jessenia Cruz went on to say:

“I was wondering if this was the boys’ respite or if he was there to do ‘Paradise’ properly. As the days went by, I realized that he was completely removed from the process.”

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