Jeremiah Raber First Wife: Who Is Naomi Stutzman? Age, Job

Back to the Amish returned to TLC for its seventh season on March 14, 2023, and introduced viewers to some original faces and some new cast members for the season. So, in the midst of the Amish conversations circulating on Twitter and everywhere else, let us tell you about Naomi Stutzman, who is also somehow connected to the series. As? We tell you in the following text.

Meet Naomi Stutzman, Jeremiah Raber’s first wife

Naomi Stutzman is Jeremiah Raber’s first wife to appear on the TLC reality show Back to the Amish in the old days In fact, she is also among the members of the new formation. Back to the Amish season 7

Also, every time Jeremiah appeared on the show, it was with his now-wife Carmela Raber, not Naomi.

Clearly, Naomi and Jeremiah have not had a good relationship over the years. Unlike most couples who manage to stay cordial after a breakup, Naomi in particular had a lot to say about her ex-husband. She said that not only has Jeremiah not been Amish since he was 18 years old, but his mother “spoiled” him. Whenever they needed rent money, while the two of them were still married, Naomi would go cry to her mom and she would pay the rent.

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In one of those conversations, Naomi revealed that they had been married for six years and that he owed her $20,000 in child support. And part of that child support, she said, was paid by TLC. Her revelations also imply that they began dating in 2002. After that, they both left the Amish sect and divorced in February 2011.

Here are some things Naomi shared about her ex-husband sarcasm magazine in 2012. She said she has had a cell phone for as long as she can remember, and that he also taught her how to drive. Despite Jeremiah’s misrepresentation, she said, he was always known as the guy with the best cars, and he once bragged to her about running from the police 19 times.

On another occasion, Naomi also shared stories about her tattoos since 2009, her love of rap and rock, Guns N’ Roses and Eminem, and strip clubs in Tampa.

Jeremiah Raber and Naomi Stutzman Children

Jeremiah Raber and Naomi Stutzman have three children: Kannon, Tanika, and Justin. “The children and I have suffered for years because of this man. We’ve been through a lot,” Naomi said that day, talking about how hard it was for them to see Jeremiah on the show.

Naomi herself also has a daughter from another relationship.

It is rumored that Jeremiah had a domestic abuse issue with Naomi. It was reported that Naomi once obtained a restraining order against her and went to live at a domestic violence shelter after leaving it.

In 2017, Jeremiah was also arrested for domestic abuse of Carmela. There have been several such incidents involving the couple. Yet through it all, they were together.

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What is Naomi Stutzman’s marital status today?

There has been no news of Naomi Stutzman’s romantic life since Jeremiah.

On the other hand, Jeremías’ complicated relationship with his now wife Carmela was all over the internet. The path of this couple, who got married in 2016, has been full of ups and downs.

Fans first met Jeremiah in 2012 when he appeared on the show’s first season. Deciphering the Amish. And not long before the reality show premiered, Jeremiah divorced Naomi.

Naomi Stutzman Age

Supposedly, Naomi Stutzman was born in 1985. If this were true, she would be 38 years old in 2023.

Naomi Stutzman Business

On her LinkedIn, Naomi Stutzman only mentioned that she works as a waitress at Texas Roadhouse in New Philadelphia, Ohio. He did not reveal any further information about when she joined and whether he continues to work there today.

Naomi has spoken publicly about how she once had to sleep with her debit card so Jeremiah couldn’t take it to the local casino.

Naomi Stutzman appeared in back to the amish?

No. Naomi Stutzman did not appear on back to the amish, not now or in the past. However, she did comment on the show here and there.

For example, speaking to Pennsylvania news station WPHTV CBS 21 that day, he claimed the show was fake.

He even criticized TLC for offering him “whatever he wanted” to keep quiet after learning about his interview with CBS 21. When TLC was contacted for a statement on the matter, they responded with “This accusation is absurd. TLC has never offered and will never offer or give any payment for something like this.”

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  • When is Naomi Stutzman’s birthday?

Naomi Stutzman’s birthday is in January.

  • Where does Naomi Stutzman live?

Naomi Stutzman is originally from Sugarcreek, a town in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. Yet until now, she called New Philadelphia, Ohio, home to her.

  • Is Naomi Stutzman on Instagram and Facebook?

Naomi Stutzman was not on Instagram, but could be found on Facebook as ‘Naomi L. Stutzman’ as of March 16, 2023. She was also on Twitter. @nraber1.

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