Jenna Ortega Reveals The Movie She Stole Wednesday’s Dance Rhythm From

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Jenna Ortega revealed the movie she said she “stolen” the viral dance on Wednesday and explained how it inspired her memorable move.

Jenna Ortega reveals her”stealWednesdayThe dance that went viral from .One of 2022, the star broke out thanks to her role in the movie scream And xOrtega wraps up a hugely successful year with a starring role in Netflix’s moody teen drama WednesdayThe show quickly became a global hit, perhaps because of Ortega’s dance in Episode 4, directed by Tim Burton. The scene quickly went viral, sparking a TikTok trend that included Lady Gaga and Madonna, among others.

in an interview Armchair experts at Dax ShepardOrtega discusses filming Wednesday dance scene and revealed that she drew a lot of inspiration from the 1999 TV series playersDirected by Claire Danes.

Ortega mentions that she borrowed the dance performed by Denis Lavante at the end of the French film, which Ortega describes as “best final scene of all time. ‘” Check out Wednesday’s quotes from Adams’ cast below:

Well, I got to know Denis Lavant from Beau Travail about what he did at the end of that movie – gosh, I’ll show you when we’re done… So far – He’s dancing himself. But it entangled in this sporadic movement and then stalled again. Then he walked around. He does everything. I think it’s very fourth. So I stole that one and took that one.

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Wednesday dance has become an inspiration

staring at the ceiling wednesday dance

Ortega has said in an interview that she prefers movies to TV, which was mentioned through her. players. Available on HBO Max and The Criterion Channel and billed as an odd cinematic element, the story follows two soldiers in the French Foreign Legion. Although she talks about her inspiration, Wednesday Likely to have a similar impact on future fans of the show, which has sparked a wave of TikTok and could become Saturday night live A sketch of Ortega as he hosts the show on March 11.

the actor revealed in the past Wednesday At first, the dance was very different and the way she struggled to have a version that really suited her Addams Family personality. The affirmation clearly worked, in the sense that it sent a very general and commendable message – one shouldn’t feel excluded if one isn’t technically good at things like dancing. , that’s the point made by Ertega. As the scene is so familiar now, part of the fun is doing what feels natural.

But beyond its theme and resonance, the dance is unique and familiar enough that it’s easy to see how sitcoms and other teen-centered stories would cover it. Or the relevance could be less obvious, like how Ortega relied on a French movie to help create one of the most interesting. Wednesday time.

Source: Armchair experts at Dax Shepard

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