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Jasmine Ellis Cooper is the star of Bravo’s Summer House Martha’s Vineyard franchise. Get to know her better in this article as we cover her age, family, her net worth and other additional information.

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Jasmine Ellis Cooper in Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard

Jasmine Ellis Copper and her husband Silas Cooper are the ones who organized the retreat on Martha’s Vineyard, a popular travel destination for black Americans. However, she was unaware at the time that they had signed up for the Bravo spin-off. Summer Home.

“We had no idea,” Jasmine admitted to Entertainment Tonight. “We knew we’d been in a few years with our friends, the same lineup with friends at the house, and they wanted to do it with us again. So after filming it was like, ‘OK, cool, we’re doing what we did last year. past and the penultimate'”.

“I’ve been going for seven years, Jasmine went for three years, it was really a natural,” Silas added. “And when we were done, we were like, wow! That was a lot, wasn’t it? We thought it was a lot more than we expected, but we knew we were having a good time.”

They found out about the show only after filming ended. Jasmine compared it to Degrassi: The Next Chapter.

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“When we decided to do it, we agreed that we would do it the only way we know how, and that’s by ourselves,” Jasmine added. “The good, the bad and the ugly. So how do you feel about it? I don’t know. We’ll see.” But along with some friends, the couple met some new friends like Amir Lancaster, a friend of Nick Arrington.

So, the series also records some dramas. “All my all my friendships have changed a bit,” Jasmine admitted when talking about it. “Honestly, because this is a real experience. This will test your friendships, your relationships, and what you think you know about someone. How do you treat strangers in your space, you know?”

“So as we’ve adjusted to the change and the struggle, everyone’s dynamic has changed a bit, some for the better and some for the worse,” he continues, “and I think you’ll see those moments this season that really challenge friendships. . and relationships”.

Jasmine Ellis Cooper’s Business

Jasmine Ellis Cooper, according to her LinkedIn, has been a screenwriter at Television & Film since January 2020. She has also worked as an assistant director at Film Production Services since 2017. Additionally, she has also dabbled in acting since July 2015.

Jasmine attended Point Park University where she studied drama until 2014. She graduated from Pebblebrook High School in 2010.

In addition, Jasmine worked at the Playboy Club Bunnies in New York, an experience that connected Jasmine with Jordan Emanuel, Shanice Henderson, and Bria Fleming. “Listen, Jordan, Shanice and Bria will always have my love and respect and will always be my bunny sisters,” Jasmine said on Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast.

He added that he landed the Playboy Club gig after spending a “terrible” summer homeless in the Big Apple. “At the end of the day, when I applied for the job at Playboy, I was getting out of my car with my best friend. [Mariah Torres]added Jasmie, whose fleeting work ultimately inspired her and Mariah to develop a TV pilot called “Rock Bottom.”

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How Much Is Jasmine Ellis Cooper Net Worth?

Jasmine Ellis Cooper’s net worth is probably in excess of $400,000.

The Jasmine Ellis Cooper era

In January 2023, Jasmine Ellis Cooper celebrated her 31st birthday.

jasmine ellis cooper family

Jasmine Ellis Cooper is the daughter of Faye Ellis and Eric Nowden Sr.

Faye, 51, was born in January 1972. She attended University City High School, Webster University, and Georgia State University. She is the owner of Her Candy Hair located in Cobb County.

Eric, Jasmin’s father, currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri. You can find him on Facebook here.

Speaking of siblings, Jasmine has at least one sister named Aaliyah Gayfield. Aaliyah turned 28 in March 2023.

Are Jasmine Ellis Cooper and Silas Cooper still married?

Yes, Jasmine Ellis Copper and Silas Cooper are still married. The couple exchanged their wedding vows on June 26, 2022, just months before production began on the unscripted series that follows 12 friends reunited in a Massachusetts seaside community. Thus, in June 2023 they celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Jasmine met Silas, who also appears in “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard,” not long after hanging up the bunny ears.

On the show, Jasmine and Silas also had run-ins with each other. Most of the conflict between Jasmine and Silas seems to have been internal, as they were still learning to live together and not as two different people.

“I’ve learned that I can work on being more flexible and present,” Silas admits. Eastern Time. “I think that’s something that I’ve learned about myself, and what I’ve learned about my wife is that she’s very important, to be flexible in terms of, to listen to her and be more receptive, to change that, right?”

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The only thing the two are worried about is that they may have been too relaxed in front of the cameras. They seem to be the ones with the bedtime mess shown in the trailer. “You’d think our marriage is less awkward when we have a moment of intimacy, but it’s not,” Jasmine explained. “So, you know, everyone is going to enjoy it!”

Jasmine Ellis Cooper Height

Jasmine Ellis Cooper’s height is over 5 feet 7.5 inches.

  • Where is Jasmine Ellis Cooper from?

Jasmine Ellis Cooper was born in St. Louis, Missouri, grew up in Atlanta (moved in 1999), and currently lives in New York.

  • When is Jasmine Ellis Cooper’s birthday?

Jasmine Ellis Copper’s birthday is January 13.

  • Is Jasmine Ellis Cooper on Instagram and Facebook?

Really is. Instagram (@jasmineelliscooper) and Facebook Jasmine Ellis Cooper (@jasmine.d.ellis.9).

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