James Gunn Clarifies DCU Timeline Mistake After Justice League Movie Announcement


  • Releasing a Justice League movie in 2024 would be too soon for the new DC Universe, which needs time to fully develop and establish itself.
  • Starting the new DC Universe with 2025’s Superman: Legacy allows them to introduce the iconic character as the face of the new universe.
  • Keeping Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths separate from the DC Universe allows the animated movie to tell its own story and bring in characters from various DC animated projects for an exciting crossover.

James Gunn clarifies a DC Universe timeline mistake that happened due to a recent Justice League movie announcement. Gunn is DC Studios’ new creative chief, and as such, he is the one responsible for charting the next ten years of releases in the new DC Universe, whose first movie, 2025’s Superman: Legacy, is also written and directed by Gunn. While no DC Universe Justice League movie was shown during January’s DCU slate reveal, a recent announcement put that in question.

On Threads, Gunn clarified that the animated Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths is not part of the DC Universe’s timeline.

While it would not make a lot of sense for the movie to be part of the DC Universe, as the first time the new Justice League appears should be in live-action, the film was announced under the “DC Universe” banner. Gunn clarified the situation after being asked by a fan, saying, “They messed up. It’s been corrected.”

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Why The Animated Justice League: Crisis On Infinite Earths Is Better Not Being A DCU Movie

Justice League: Crisis On Infinite Earths logo.

Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths not being a DC Universe movie is for the best. Releasing a Justice League movie in 2024, just a year after the final four movies made by the previous DC regime for the DCEU were released, would be doing too much, too soon for the new DC Universe. Gunn’s DCU needs to have the necessary time to fully bloom before another Justice League film comes to life.

2025’s Superman: Legacy serves as a much better opener for the new DC Universe than a rushed Justice League movie. Building the new universe with a Superman solo movie allows DC to give audiences the character that will be the face of the new DC Universe, satisfying fans while also allowing the studio to take it easy when it comes to recasting the other characters from 2017’s Justice League that will be played by new actors, with many DCEU names currently having their futures up in the air.

Gunn’s clarification also bodes well for the story the animated movie will tell. Crisis on Infinite Earths is one of DC Comics’ most popular events ever, with the story bringing together different versions of heroes from all over the multiverse. Such a story needs to come from an already established universe, like DC TV’s Arrowverse did, rather than the new DC Universe, which hasn’t even properly started. By being firmly its own thing, the upcoming Justice League movie can bring in characters from several popular DC animated movies and shows for an exciting crossover.

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