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Meet Jacob Hacker, the hot guy joining the cast of Netflix’s The Mole. Since he is an actor, this play is a great opportunity for him to further his career. But he next he will read more than it seems. This article talks about his age, his height, his girlfriend and much more.

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Jacob Hacker in Netflix’s The Mole

Netflix’s latest offering, “The Mole,” the streaming platform shares that the entire series is based on lies. The series is a reboot of the ABC series based on the same name that aired five seasons earlier. The ten-episode show runs for three weeks and features 12 contestants who compete together in challenges to add money to a jackpot that will ultimately be won by just one of them.

But the producers designated one player as a “mole” to sabotage the other players in their efforts to make money. Depending on how well the mole performs its task, which hurts the tasks and reduces the prize money, the participant’s earnings are determined. One player will eventually outlive the others and discover the Mole to take home the money.

Jacob Hacker is one of the contestants of this season. Jacob is an all-American boy who hopes his Midwestern charm and his unwavering loyalty will help him succeed at The Mole. He is a typical guy who likes to wallow in the swamp, hunt, fish, drink beer with his friends and family, ride his Harley, and work on his ’91 Jeep Wrangler.

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According to Netflix, their strategy is to “sit back and watch. Yo [can] read everyone and look for their mistakes, and with this strategy everyone would suspect me too because I’m not trying to be the loudest.”

Additionally, Jacob stated that his 100% strength is “my ability to remain calm and collected in any situation. I was trained for high stress situations and I took that training and knowledge with me. [And] my ability to speak and converse with anyone. my greatest weakness [is] my inability to keep my mouth shut sometimes.”

Joining him on this journey are Casey Lary, Dom Gabriel, Greg Shapiro, Avori Henderson, Joi Schweitzer, Kesi Neblett, Osei White, Pranav Patel, Samara Joy, Sandy Ronquillo, and William Richardson.

The show is hosted by MSNBC host Alex Wagner.

On September 19, 2022, Jacob posted on his IG, “It’s official. I can FINALLY tell everyone what I’ve been up to all of the past year. 2021 was a very long, difficult, but adventurous and exciting year for me! This was almost TWO YEARS in the making! so I’m proud to share my work with everyone in the hope that everyone joins me and Netflix in the adventure! Follow my page for updates, information and more photos and videos! It’s going to be a wild ride. Welcome to a new generation of fraud! The epic 3-week event begins October 7 on @Netflix. #Mole.”

How old is Jacob Hacker?

As of October 2022, Jacob Hacker is 29 years old.

jacob hacker girlfriend

On Jacob Hacker’s Facebook, he clearly stated that his relationship status is “single.” He is relatively reserved about his love affairs and doesn’t do much on social media. So, his past life and other related details are currently under wraps.

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Jacob’s Hacker Family

Jacob Hacker is the youngest of a family that raised him in the countryside in a small town in Ohio. He was born to parents Gerry Hacker and Tama Hacker. Jacob’s father is currently 66 years old. Meanwhile, his mother celebrated his 64th birthday in April 2022. Unfortunately, Jacob lost his father to a heart attack.

Some of her family members include Jason Hacker, Kylie Hacker, Caleb Hacker, Jeremiah Hacker, Chloe Hacker, and Kacy Hacker. They are probably his brothers or cousins.

Is Jacob Hacker on Instagram?

Yes, Jacob Hacker is on Instagram (@jacob.eugene.hacker) and Facebook (@jacob.eugene.hacker).

hacker job jacob

Jacob Hacker’s first job was most likely as a private second class in the US Army. However, it is currently unclear how long his military service lasted. He later earned his EMT certification, completed firefighter and paramedic training, and has been an integral part of his local fire station for the past eight years.

According to his Facebook, he has been working at Fire/Medic since March 2015.

Also, Jacob is also an actor/model by trade, but according to his IG, at night. There is an IMDB that probably belongs to Jacob. According to IMDB, Jacob starred in The Ezra Klein Show, Frontline, Park Avenue: Money, Power, and the American Dream, Divide: A Deeper Gap, Moyers & Company, Democracy Now!, and pink charlie.

One of the recent short films he is working on has been selected for the 2021 Las Vegas International Film & Screenwriting Festival.

  • How tall is Jacob Hacker?

So Jacob has lost 65 pounds in the last five years as part of his fitness process. He works out six to eight times a week and has even become an amateur weight lifter.

  • When is Jacob Hacker’s birthday?

Jacob Hacker’s birthday has yet to be revealed

  • Where is Jacob Hacker from?

Jacob Hacker is originally from Bloomville, Ohio.

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