Who Is Jackie Chung Husband, Louis Ozawa?

Jackie Chung is a successful stage actor and well known among television fans. She is loved for her portrayal of Laurel in my summer is beautiful. She is also known for her performances in station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy. This exposure has naturally led to her having a good fan base who often wonder about her personal life as well. Therefore, in this text we will tell you something about the man in her life. He is none other than the star of Hunters, the handsome Louis Ozawa.

Meet Louis Ozawa, Jackie Chung’s husband

Louis (pronounced LOU-EE) is not Jackie Chung’s husband, but he is also her partner in crime. They always had a great relationship.

Talking about their marriage, it took place on January 12, 2013.

The two met at an audition for a short film. They were chosen and matched to be a newly married couple. Talking about it later, Louis explained that they got along so well that the director, who ultimately cast them, asked if they already knew each other. Meanwhile, Louis has never seen her in her life. According to him, he was struck by lightning the day he met her and he was very delighted. Even Jackie experienced the same thing. They fell in love and were married by the same director when they exchanged vows.

The first project the duo worked on was an award-winning short film by director Jae Choe. It was made at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Film Department. In March 2023, the real-life duo reunited professionally for a story titled kicking up dust, which is inspired by stories told in many African countries. They also directed and acted before translators.

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Jackie and her husband also have two children. They were five years and six months old in May 2020, during the COVID pandemic when both Louis and Jackie were working from home in Los Angeles. Louis himself fell ill with the coronavirus, forcing him to stay in bed for days. And that’s why he was sick of not being able to help his wife with his two children. He said this and more because he found time to tell a proper story. exit 6. At the time, Louis also described the impact of the pandemic on his projects. One of the plays he was preparing for was closed before the premiere.

So, Louis and his wife share two children. His eldest child, Bodi, turned 8 on April 16, 2023. At just six months old, Bodi landed his first gig with famed cameraman Lance Accord. It was a small ad for Kohls that aired during the Oscars and featured Penelope Cruz among other actors. Louis went to play daddy, and the little boy he was supposed to be paired with didn’t show up. He happened to have his son with him, so he took him to the audition.

When it was time for the youngest, Tyrus, Jackie unexpectedly gave birth to him while they were at the Busan Film Festival to promote Wayne Wang’s new film, coming home againin October 2019.

The most famous of the family, however, is his beloved Atticus pit bull mix. Jackie even calls it his firstborn. Atticus not only has a following on websites and social media, but he also made his debut in a Chinese hand sanitizer commercial.

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Louis Ozawa era

Louis Ozawa was born in 1975. So, he turned 47 in 2022.

What is the ethnicity of Louis Ozawa?

Louis’ full name is Louis Ozawa Changchien. He is Asian-American with Japanese and Taiwanese descent.

His father, Kuan-hui Changchien, was born and raised in Taiwan. From there, the patriarch moved to Tokyo at the age of 17 to study Japanese. There, while attending university, he met Kuniko Ibayashi, Louis’s mother, who was an actress at the time and also had her own cafe.

Kuniko was born in 1945 at the end of World War II. Her mother died giving birth to her. Her father, Akira Ozawa, gave her up to the Ibayashi family for adoption. Louis was involved in acting and modeling in her twenties.

Nearly 50 years after his mother’s birth, Louis decided to honor his family on his mother’s side by adding Ozawa as his middle name.

Louis Ozawa Height

Louis Ozawa is 5 feet 10 inches tall.

How much is Louis Ozawa net worth?

Louis Ozawa reportedly had a net worth of over $2 million as of May 2023.

Except huntersLouis is also known for his appearances on the critically acclaimed Apple TV series. Pachinko.

One of his first jobs after graduate school was in the BBC docu-drama Samurai, which was filmed in Japan at a studio in Kyoto. It was his first great performance in front of the cameras. Since then, she has acted in different movies and TV series.

Louis first rose to fame with nearly 20 years of recurring roles on TV shows like Bullfighter and jim carrey I’m kiddingand occasional roles in high-profile movies like predators.

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then it happened Hunter where he plays Joe Mizushima, the central leader of a group of Nazi hunters who embark on a bloody path to bring white racists to justice. Part of this job was sharing the screen with Al Pacino, Josh Radnor, and Logan Lerman.

Don’t miss it, when Louis was starting to act like a kid, he landed his first job with Bill Cosby of all people in a jello pudding commercial.

  • When is Louis Ozawa’s birthday?

Louis Ozawa’s birthday is October 11, and that makes him a Libra.

  • Is Louis Ozawa on Instagram?

That. Louis Ozawa can be found on Instagram @louisozawa, where he had 864 posts and 6,583 followers as of May 8, 2023.

You might as well give Louis a follow on Twitter. @LouisOzawa.

  • What nationality is Louis Ozawa?

Louis Ozawa is, of course, American. He was born somewhere in New York, in the United States.

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