Issey Miyake A Japanese Fashion Designer Passed Away At The Age Of 84

Issey Miyake, a well-known Japanese designer, died at the age of 84. On August 5, 2022, the stylist died of hepatocellular carcinoma, a prevalent kind of liver cancer. According to a statement from the Issey Miyake Group, the designer died “surrounded by close friends and partners.”

Miyake, who was born in Hiroshima in 1938, was also recognized for his worldwide acclaimed distinctive black turtle neck design, which he made for his long-time friend and collaborator Steve Jobs. His wrinkle-free pleated attire was extremely popular with fashionistas. Miyake was particularly well-known for his ‘brown top’ composed of sashiko, a Japanese woven cloth. Elle Magazine published the design in the September 1973 edition.

Issey Miyake’s death

While nothing is known about Miyake’s death, it has been stated that the fashion designer died of hepatocellular carcinoma, a kind of liver cancer. Miyake was allegedly being treated at a Tokyo hospital before passing death on Friday, August 5, 2022. Advanced stages of hepatocellular carcinoma may be treated with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and target therapy, according to Web MD. While Miyake’s symptoms are unclear at this time, the primary signs of hepatocellular carcinoma include abdominal discomfort, a heavy sensation in the upper portion of the abdomen, severe bloating, lack of appetite, weight loss, profound exhaustion, yellow complexion, nausea, irregular bowel movements, and high fever.

A biopsy of the liver is commonly performed to diagnose the condition. If diagnosed early, the condition may be controlled and maintained under control. No burial or memorial ceremony was planned, according to an Issey Miyake Group statement, since Miyake did not want one. Little is known, however, about the private funeral or its participants.

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The group composed:

“Always a trailblazer, Mr. Miyake embraced traditional craftsmanship while looking forward to new solutions: cutting-edge technology directed by R&D.”

Netizens send passionate condolences to Issey Miyake.

One of Miyake’s most important contributions to fashion is still being a tremendous moneymaker. The designer released his ‘Pleats, Please’ line in the 1980s, which gave actors, dancers, and models greater freedom of movement. In honor of the legendary designer, netizens rushed to Twitter to applaud Miyake for pioneering revolutionary fashion.

Miyake is claimed to have taken inspiration from civilizations and communities while designing using ordinary materials like plastic, jute, horse hair, and thread. He has collaborated with well-known Japanese artist Tadanori Yokoo on psychedelic designs. He created Lithuania’s official Olympic costume in 1992.

Issey Miyake

In addition, the Issey Miyake Group noted in their statement:

“He never took a step back from his passion, the process of producing things.” He continued to collaborate with his staff, developing new concepts and overseeing all Issey Miyake brands.”

Miyake announced his retirement in 1997, citing that he needed more time to do research. However, neither the fashion business nor his followers will ever forget his enormous achievements, which remain relevant today.

RIP to one of the few remaining genius designers, Issey Miyake 🕊

— Lo Razepam (@sorryimhye) August 9, 2022

Rip to the legendary Issey Miyake. Not only was he a creative genius, but his advancements in textile design were remarkable. His mark on fashion is truly undeniable and his legacy will never be forgotten.

— Part Time Beyoncé stan account (@beyonceseyelid) August 9, 2022

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