Is the IDA app scam or legit? Warning fraud withdrawal from IDA money earning app

The Internet offers many benefits as well as dangers. It can be used as a tool for the positive as well as the negative. It completely depends on the user and how they use it. In the age of technology, crime is also happening online and that’s why the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal has been introduced where victims can submit any complaint about cybercrime including including online fraud. However, it is necessary to know whether the application we are using is safe or a scam. There are a lot of really useful online apps out there, but some of them are designed to fool the user.

Is the IDA app scam or legit?

Knowing this, there are many IDA users who want to know if this app is genuine or a scam. All speculation regarding this app started after Pakistanis lost millions of USD due to this IDA app. Reports say that the latest Ponzi scheme in Pakistan caused millions of dollars in losses when the IDA trading platform was shut down overnight. As many Ponzi schemes have left unsuspecting Pakistani beneficiaries with millions of dollars, the latest scam has been exposed as thousands of Pakistani citizens lost a modest amount of money, all just to get their numbers. easy money.

The reason people get scammed is because the IDA app has been released on the pages or accounts of various Youtubers and digital content creators to build trust, while the famous Youtubers are scammed. that was worried about investing and got a decent amount of money in 2 weeks. Now, those who are thinking about how IDA works should understand that the app works by collecting money from young people’s accounts and in return the app promises them a good profit but with looks like it’s falling apart just like the previous plans left them with consequences.

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Fraud in IDA . App

The IDA app promised individuals to deliver their returns after a period of one month. The report states that informed investors will receive $5 for every $35 invested and thus a large number of individuals have invested their hard earned money in the trading app this cryptocurrency. Users are attracted by the various high requirements as only a few are able to withdraw their funds before the entire platform disappears into the shadows. To fool new users, the team even organizes many gatherings in different parts of the country where they do their best to trick new customers. Since the app is down, more details are being revealed and I found out that I asked members to bring in more clients and asked them to deposit at least about $125.

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