Is Miss Fairchild Glen/Glenda In Disguise? Chucky Theory Explained

Miss Fairchild has been a recurring presence on the Chucky TV show, and the subject of much speculation — we break down whether she may indeed be Seed of Chucky’s Glen/Glenda and all the other theories. Played by Annie Briggs, the character of Miss Fairchild was introduced as the middle school biology teacher of Jake Wheeler and Chucky’s other teen characters. She has since been a relatively minor background player across the subsequent Chucky episodes. Regardless, with her hilariously outspoken ways and continued commitment to supporting Jake, Miss Fairchild has been a popular standout for many fans.

In Chucky episode 1, “Death by Misadventure,” Miss Fairchild brilliantly shut down the bully Oliver Hayden with a well-timed f-bomb. Later, she also tried to school another, Lexy Cross, on her privilege and the potentially disappointing adulthood that awaited her if she continued in her arrogant and selfish ways. After Lexy refused to heed her warnings, pulling a cruel prank on Jake by cosplaying as his deceased father in Chucky episode 2, “Give Me Something Good To Eat,” Miss Fairchild once again took it upon herself to step in. As well as calling a meeting, personally showing Jake’s remaining family and Lexy’s parents the kind of bullying monster she had become, Miss Fairchild offered herself as a sympathetic ear for Jake.

Miss Fairchild took that protective instinct to a new level in Chucky episode 3, “I Like To Be Hugged.” Approached by Detective Evans, the biology teacher was openly dismissive, clearly prioritizing her mission to aid the struggling teen over helping the police. In subsequent episodes, Miss Fairchild took a backseat amid the returns of such legacy characters as Jennifer Tilly’s Tiffany and Fiona Dourif’s Chucky-possessed Nica Pierce. Still, she was shown as present in Chucky episode 5, “Little Little Lies,” counseling her students over feelings of grief and guilt regarding recent events. As a result of everything, from her actions to her word choices and more, several on social media have let their theories regarding Miss Fairchild run wild — including that she may be Glen/Glenda in disguise. Here’s a breakdown of that Miss Fairchild theory and some of the opposing ones.

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Theory: Miss Fairchild is Glen/Glenda

From the very start of the Chucky TV show, several fans noticed the similarities between Miss Fairchild’s hair and that of human Glenda from Seed of Chucky’s ending. Both styles were distinctly red and curly. That could, of course, be merely a coincidence. Chucky creator Don Mancini, however, actually drew jokey attention to Annie Brigg’s being a necessary exception to his “no gingers allowed besides Chucky” rule. Equally, ever since Chucky mentioned his genderfluid child Glen/Glenda in Chucky episode 2, Mancini has also been cagey about whether or not they would show up. “Keep watching,” he merely offered. As a result, it’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility that Glen/Glenda has secretly lurked in Hackensack.

As evidenced by the Tiffany reveal in the Chucky episode 5 flashbacks, this would be the exact kind of identity twist the show has successfully utilized. If it indeed turned out that Miss Fairchild was secretly Chucky and Tiffany’s love child, however, the question would remain whether they were the grown-up Glen or Glenda. While the hair lent itself to her being Glenda, Miss Fairchild’s kindly and poetic nature leaned more towards Glen. Furthermore, the name Fairchild could actually be an on-the-nose nod to Glen, Jake’s potential future ally against Chucky. (Coincidentally, Fairchilde was also the surname of a Mr. Rogers’ puppet, making it a fitting alias for a former marionette.) Conversely, her aforementioned attitude towards police and affinity for swearing would lend itself to being Glenda, though Miss Fairchild has thus far seemed to lack the same capacity for mayhem embodied by them.

Since it’s entirely unknown where Glen/Glenda’s life went after Seed of Chucky, however, it’s possible both aspects have since returned to one body. That would explain Miss Fairchild’s contrasting traits. That would also account for the age disparity. After all, Glen/Glenda should only be teenagers by the time of the Chucky TV show’s Easter egg-packed events. If they were to have transferred into a new form, that potential plot hole would be plugged. Then again, given the mystical nature of their birth and general existence, them now being preternaturally older than their previously-established years could be voodoo related.

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The biggest issue with the Miss Fairchild is Glen/Glenda theory, however, was that the teacher encountered the infamous doll in Chucky episode 1. After Jake brought it to school so his dad wouldn’t break it, Miss Fairchild agreed to temporarily store it for him. There wasn’t a hint of recognition on her part as she did so — which there definitely would have been given the doll at least resembled her father. That sense of familiarity and possible anxiety would have only increased once the bodies started piling up around it. Since it didn’t, the theory kind of falls down. That being said, there’s always a chance the Chucky TV show will reveal that Miss Fairchild was merely playing things close to the chest. And that she has been secretly more active behind the scenes than previously made clear to viewers. Alternatively, another theory has suggested that Miss Fairchild will have an entirely different familial connection.

Theory 2: Miss Fairchild is Tiffany’s Sister

jennifer tilly, chucky

As revealed in Chucky episode 5, “Little Little Lies,” Tiffany was originally a natural redhead. As such, Glen/Glenda’s hair color came as much from her as it ever might have from the Chucky doll. Funnily enough, that could also indicate that Tiffany and Miss Fairchild belong to the same family tree. In Seed of Chucky, the killer doll mentioned that Tiffany has a sister, likening her to a family curse. Ever since, franchise fans have been curious to meet her. Given the hair, and that Tiffany was similarly born and raised not too far from Chucky’s hometown of Hackensack, New Jersey, it’s conceivable that Miss Fairchild is that sister.

Unlike Glen/Glenda, Miss Fairchild being Tiffany’s sister holds up better under more intense scrutiny. After all, besides that line from Chucky, absolutely nothing is known about Tiffany’s sibling. As such, Don Mancini had free reign to craft the character from scratch as he saw fit. Miss Fairchild could easily be the result of such endeavors. Equally, were Miss Fairchild to actually be Tiffany’s estranged sister, it would play into Chucky’s themes. Opposites have been prevalent across the Chucky episodes — with many having direct counterparts or on reverse journeys. That’s been most clear between Jake and Junior Wheeler, who may become Chucky’s new protege. Based on her contrasting personality, Miss Fairchild could easily be that for Tiffany, making the Chucky TV show feel even more like a deranged family affair.

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Theory 3: Miss Fairchild is a Red(-headed) Herring

Annie Briggs as Miss Fairchild in Chucky Episode 1

Of course, it’s also a distinct possibility that Don Mancini crafted this character as strictly a red herring designed to provoke such excessive theorizing. Given how such week-to-week overthinking kept fans of other recent shows enthralled and fan familiarity was used to disguise other twists, the Chucky show writers could be exploiting the same storytelling trickery. As such, Miss Fairchild may just be what she has seemed: a normal and kind-hearted biology teacher. One that served as another of Chucky‘s Easter eggs and references; a riff on Miss Collins from Brian De Palma’s Carrie movie. One that’s destined to merely fall victim to Chucky’s knife, play into the story in another way, or, as disappointing as it may be, not a factor at all. Whatever the case, all will be revealed in the remaining Chucky episodes.

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