Iron Man’s Secret Endgame for Humanity Exposes His Greatest Flaw

As Iron Man and the rest of Marvel Comics’ Illuminati find themselves facing one of the greatest threats in the universe, readers will get a glimpse of Tony Stark’s greatest wish: a world ruled by him. and his sky-high armor.

Founded after the infamous Kree-Skrull War, the Illuminati’s primary goal is to identify and neutralize threats before they become insurmountable to the universe itself. In an early adventure in the history of the Illuminati, the group confronts an extremely powerful cosmic entity known as Transcendental. During the events of the original Secret Wars, the Beyonder kidnapped many of Earth’s mightiest heroes and villains and sent them into an interstellar “battlefield” for an epic battle to be recorded. remember for decades to come. The battle between good and evil.

Iron Man thinks he’s Earth’s only hope

new avengers: F #3 Discovered by Brian Michael Bendis, Brian Reed and Jim Cheung The main team is investigating the genetic history of the Beyonder, after it was suspected that the almighty entity might be a mutant and inhuman hybrid. . The Illuminati (without Iron Man’s help) were able to track the Beyonder in deep space and begin negotiations to remove him from the main MCU indefinitely. To call upon heroes, the Beyonder makes the Illuminati see the greatest wishes of each member. Here, it is clear that the absent member and representative of the Avengers, Iron Man, envisions a world in which his armor takes complete control. Tony’s vision shows a future where Iron Man’s armor pervades New York City, surrounded by a number of aerial creatures, flying cars and seaplanes painted in the traditional red and gold of Man. Iron.

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Iron Man has always been eager to take active measures against any threat to Earth. 2006 civil war During the crossover, Stark gained a reputation as the leader of a government-sponsored superhero team tasked with rounding up his old friend and teammate Captain America. Tony’s attempt to take down Steve and other unregistered heroes is part of a growing fear of Superman-related collateral damage. The Man of Steel is trying to ensure that disasters like the one in Stamford, Connecticut, won’t happen again thanks to the recklessness of the superheroes. Tony Stark’s vision of the future could be yet another attempt to protect the world by any means necessary, and in keeping with his worldview that he is best equipped to avert any danger. may arise.

Stark’s intentions may be valid, but he usually just creates more problems. A common flaw he shares with other members of the Illuminati is his ego and belief that only he can solve the world’s problems. Iron Man and the other Illuminati believe they are serving the greater good, but in reality, they just end up replacing one threat with another.

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