Ines Rau Plastic Surgery: Before And After Looks

People are curious about Ines Rau’s plastic surgery and the results she got. Continue reading to learn more about Ines Rau’s plastic surgery credentials. Rau started playing for DJs in Ibiza when she was 18 when she met David Guetta. She posed for her first nude portrait with Tyson Beckford in 2013, when she was 23, for an article in the French luxury magazine OOB, shortly after she came out as transgender.

She made her debut in Playboy’s “A-Z Edition” in May 2014, in a feature titled “Evolution”, which aims to demonstrate a growing acceptance of external gender identities. male-female gender. She was the second transgender woman to appear on Playboy after Cossey in 1981 and the first to appear free (Cossey was kicked out of the magazine and re-appeared in the magazine in 1991).

Ines Rau’s plastic surgery: what procedures did she undergo?

As Mbappe’s new girlfriend, Ines Rau’s before and after pictures of transgender surgery have attracted media attention. In the before and after photos of the treatment, Ines Rau most likely looks like a man. She was who she was sexually from the moment she was born. Recent rumors link her to footballer Kylian Mbappe. Some matchmaking sites claim to be active. Mbappe’s girlfriend is transgender model Ines Rau. They say they are seeing each other. PSG and France striker Mbappe has been photographed with Emma Smet following his split from her.

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According to sources, Mbappe and Rau were seen together at the Cannes Film Festival. Others now claim to have seen the player take her on board. These rumors are circulating on the Internet, but they are yet to be confirmed. Because of this, some of their followers eagerly await their reply. They also don’t post any photos of themselves on social media. This increases the likelihood that these claims are false.

Before and after photos of Ines Rau

Ines Rau made history as the first openly transgender friend in the game. Although of Algerian origin, she was born in Paris. Rau was born with a male name. The story of Caroline “Tula” Cossey—a British transgender model—who gave her the courage to transition at the age of 16. As a result, she underwent sex reassignment surgery. She then continued to live as a woman but did not tell anyone she was transgender until the age of 24. Some people are searching for pictures of her before and after surgery on the internet. However, there are no previous pictures of her online.

She underwent an operation at the age of 16 and did not recover until adulthood. She detailed a recent incident at a charity event where she shared a table with a famous soccer star and received several haunting comments and death threats. She tried to forget because she thought this was not her first time, but the sadness still lingered. She worries about the source of her anger and violence.

Ines Rau .’s net worth

If you get published in Playboy magazine, your fame and fortune will skyrocket. Similarly, Vegetables have a large amount of money. Surprisingly, the model decided to hide her wealth so that no one knew about it. On the other hand, a model earns $42,000 a year.

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vegetable ines

She did a great job as a model, that’s the cause of everything. Ines enjoys traveling the world and attending trans rights seminars. Things became much more interesting when she found out she was transgender. Rau was featured in the AZ issue of Playboy in May 2014. She’s only the second transgender person in the magazine to be featured, so this is a big deal. Ines has worked with celebrities like Nicole Miller, Alexis Bittar and others.

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