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Indian Railways: भार्टिया र्वलेवी प्रवित्त 13 हाजर से No. त्रेनों का उपनीयों , जे देश्य He said so. At the same time, different types of trains are operated by different types of trains, connecting the different states of the country with each other. However, if you don’t know about India’s first private train, then we will tell you about India’s first private train through this article. -सी

Who is India’s first private train?

भारती So that’s all. In May 2021, in May 2021. That’s one. The individual players are की उर से आस त्रेन ल इा .

What is your design like?

. Inside it, a special food car with CCTV installed in the normal form has been equipped so that passengers can get better food. At the same time, different versions of India are displayed on the outside of the train.


श्रीरामायण यात्रा

This train was started on the initiative of भारत सक्रारक के देखो , जो की से It happened to me. There should be 20 pieces. इस दाउरान यह He did. 20 hours, 20 hours and many more years.

दक्षिन भारत का टूर

This train also starts from Delhi and goes to the main parts of South India. इस याट्रा में For him, him and him and him. है.

சம்க்கு திர்தை யாட்டை யாஜை

This scheme is run by the Government of Delhi, where the elderly are taken to various pilgrimage sites of the country through this train.

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नवरात्र दर्षन

Navratri Darshan is a train started by IRCTC, running between New Delhi and Katra. அய்றை துக்கு திர் ஗ுர் ஗ார் கார் செய ார் கார் க்கு

Guru Kripa Yatra

This route is specially designed to go to sacred religious sites associated with the Sikh community, including Anandpur Sahib, Kiratpur Sahib, Sarhind, अम्रिटसर, भटिंडा, नांदेड, बीदर अ Patna की यात्रा जाती है.

कितना है फाइनार

This train has different fare for different routes. However, its minimum ticket price starts at 17 hectares and includes a full tour package.

Indian Railways: -ஸாயை

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