IMAGE. The kitten was left alone in the freezing cold on the street until a kind woman helped the poor cat.

The cat’s owners decided to leave the cat outdoors. The kitten is not used to living outdoors and does not know that he is living in bad weather without a roof over his head. The cat had just found a spot on a relatively warm sidewalk, not far from where people lived.

The kitten survived by lying on hot pipes, first in the extreme cold. Passers-by know how to help and feed or drink kittens.

The cat has been abandoned outdoors since November. Because of the strong cold, the cat got sick.

The old woman knits warm clothes for the kittens. Kitten warm clothes.

The woman couldn’t adopt the kitten, but she knitted and donated clothes for the frozen kitten because she wanted to help her.

Unfortunately, as time went on, the kitten’s condition got worse and worse, now he is seriously ill. He refused to eat anything and just lay on the ground in despair.

When the woman noticed the poor cat, although it was wearing a sweater, it was suffering from a severe cold. The cat’s skin was infected and severely damaged.

The woman took the kitten home, covered it with a warm blanket, and put it to sleep. She feeds it and even takes the cat to the toilet.

The cat needs special care and treatment. The treatment of the cat takes a long time.

The cat’s condition improved and he started going out with other animals because the woman had 65 pets. The kitten becomes more active and active and begins to play happily with other cats.

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Since her health is not very good and she has health related problems, some surgery and X-rays are needed to cure it. The cat has an umbilical hernia.

Only after a complete recovery can the cat be adopted. They will soon have a forever home.

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