If you can spot the hidden animal in this snowy field within 7 seconds you’re in the top 1%

IF you can find the animal hidden in this field of snow in seven seconds, you’re in the top 1% of viewers.

The confusing image shows part of a snow-covered field, but there is also an animal hiding there. You can see it?


Some Tiktokers managed to find the hidden animalCredit: hecticnick

Some branches and a rock can be seen in the bright image, but social media users were left confused as they struggled to find the hidden bird.

TikTok user Hectic Nick said: “This image is not what you think it is.

“It looks like an empty snowfield right now, but I bet you didn’t notice the hidden bird!”

One said: “Point of view: you’re looking for an answer in the comments.”

Another said: “Did I just see a hidden bunny?”

Someone wrote: “Am I the only person who first thought I was a snowman?”.

While another user commented: “I see a bird but the rock looks like a rabbit.”

Another impressive optical illusion appears to show an image of a house, but something is hiding in the background.

The first thing you see in this optical illusion will reveal if you feel trapped in your life.

And if you can find the second hidden animal in this image, then you are in the top one percent of people.

There was a bird hidden in the snow.


There was a bird hidden in the snow.

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