If you can find all the 7s in this mind bending optical illusion then you’re in the top 1% – how many can you see?

IF you can find all 7’s in this fascinating optical illusion, then you’re in the top one percent. How many can you find?

TikTok star Hectic Nick posted a visual riddle on social media, telling his 3.9 million fans: “Only one percent of people can find all 7 in the picture.”


Many people were amazed by the impressive optical illusionCredit: TikTok

Many people were wowed by the impressive optical illusion, and the post garnered nearly 13,000 comments from viewers sharing their guesses.

Some suggested there were 17, while others thought there were as many as 28.

Sitting on camera in a leather jacket and mirrored sunglasses, Nick pointed to a picture above his head and challenged everyone to guess, but wouldn’t reveal the answer.

So how many 7’s can you see?

One viewer said: “I saw a 1 right away and ended up with 17.”

Another wrote: “28 if you count the ones that don’t close and the beginning of each line.”

And the third said: “No, it’s 19.”

TikToker Hectic Nick has shared dozens of thought-provoking optical illusions with his followers, who are delighted by the riddles he posts.

The impressive optical illusion of the Egyptian pyramids will blow your mind, but not everyone can see.

In the video, he explains to his followers: “What you’re about to see will drive you crazy.”

In another video, an optical illusion plays a trick on your mind by making you see color in black and white.

Optical illusions often use color to confuse the human brain, and Hectic Nick recently demonstrated this.

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Nick shows two images that illustrate how an optical illusion can trick your brain into thinking that a black and white image is color.

First, the content creator shared an image of a building complex in shades of neon blue, orange, and purple.

There is a black dot in the center of the image that TikToker asks users to focus on.

“Keep your eyes on this black dot, do it for about ten seconds,” Nick said in the 17-second clip.

Soon after, the image changes from an oversaturated image to black and white.

However, if viewers looked at the black dot as indicated, the image would appear in color for a moment.

“Look what happens as it changes now. This image is black and white, but I bet you saw some color when it changed,” Nick said.

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