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The universe is vast and contains many mysteries that we have not discovered yet. In the universe, there are many planets; Each planet contains its resources. Resource mining is a tough business in real life. But things will become easier when you join Idle Planet Miner. When participating in the game, you can mine ore, rare metals, iron, lead and other resources on many different planets.

Idle Planet Miner is a simulation game developed by Tech Tree Game, a mobile game company focused on creating unique mobile idle games. The graphics of the game are very simple. The wallpaper is an image of a galaxy with millions of stars. Players will feel less boring and look better. In addition, in the universe will appear some interesting natural phenomena such as comets, meteorites, etc. So what unique points of the game can attract players?

Download Idle Planet Miner mod – exploit resources in the mystical universe

When you enter Idle Planet Miner, you become the manager of a space mining company. Players will participate in ore mining in space by building mining centers on many planets. There are many planets around for you to develop resources, such as Balor, Drastic… Each world will have different resources. For example, if you go to the planet Drasta, you will find copper ore and iron ore, and if you go to Dholen, you will mine iron ore and lead ore. Once you’ve drilled the ores and shipped them onto your ship, you can sell them, especially if the onboard storage isn’t large enough for the resources you can mine. Ships will automatically prioritize selling the most valuable ore.

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idle planet mining apk

interesting discovery

Just like in real life, to start mining in Idle Planet Miner you need to spend some money. During mining, you can check how far your galaxy has grown. To be able to start mining, you need to use some coins. Many special missions will help you get mysterious rewards. For example, when you appoint 1 planet manager, you will be able to get 20 purple orbs. There will be natural phenomena in the game. But don’t forget to do the quests because you’re too busy watching. Click on the common smash to find rare ores in it.

idle planet mining mod apk

Upgrading mining ships

The world’s demand is increasing rapidly as time goes by. Therefore, in Idle Planet Miner, you will need to mine more ore to meet the galaxy’s market demand. This will help you maximize your profits. However, as mining productivity increases, it also means that you need to upgrade your mining planets. If you do this, your ship’s ore capacity will increase. You need to pay attention to three factors to improve each world. The first is development speed, train speed, cargo volume. The higher these factors, the more ore will be mined and the speed of the ship will increase.

Idle Planet Mining Robot

when you’re the boss

When you join Idle Planet Miner, you will feel responsible as you can hire a manager to increase your production. Upgrade Manager will help improve your capabilities. Changing a person’s last name can seem complicated in practice. But in Idle Planet Miner, you can completely change the terms of the manager. You can name your manager with easy-to-remember characters. Or in the office, you are too bored with the subordinate role of the manager. Do not hesitate to join the game named after your manager.

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crafting items

Have a business mind even while playing games. For example, instead of storing mined ore forever, you can turn ore into valuable items by melting or crafting it. For example, when you want to produce copper bars, you have to smelt 1000 copper ores when the resource is mined to the required quantity. The furnaces will automatically start smelting to dispense the items whether you are active or not. This will help players not waste too much time, but get the job done instead.

Idle Planet Miner apk free

Especially when participating in the game, your mobile device does not need to be connected to the Internet. In addition, you can compete against other players in real-time multiplayer tournaments. Idle Planet Miner promises to bring you moments of relaxation after a long tiring day at work. Download the Idle Planet Miner mod to conquer and master a mysterious universe full of surprises.

Download Idle Planet Miner MOD APK for Android (Free Upgrade)

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