Idle Cyber MOD APK (God mode) 0.0.31

Modern technology war is taking place in Idle Cyber ​​in an extremely fierce way. You will have a powerful army with unlimited possibilities. Fight cyborgs to bring humanity a future of victory. Eliminate the harmful consequences of advanced technology. Do whatever it takes to gain strength as a team. Create solid walls and prevent any intrusion from happening. You will become a talented commander with a recipe for victory.

Idle Cyber ​​uses a post-apocalyptic setting to create a never-ending appeal. Players will immerse themselves in the graphics of the futuristic world with modern colors. We’re even more excited to create powerful, groundbreaking characters. War is done in the most challenging levels. Challenge anyone with unique and varied strategic developments. Realize our dream of embracing modern technology. Use it for good and bring peace.

Download Idle Cyber ​​mod – Fight against the scary robot army

After the technological breakthroughs in the future world are so great, dangers begin to appear. They consciously created cyborgs and began to destroy and destroy humanity. They self-replicate and create a large number of soldiers that threaten our existence. You need to summon your warriors to form a team of heroes. Then place those guys in the necessary defensive positions you want. They will attack all targets in front of them until they fall. Bring you victory when all enemies are destroyed. Subsequent attacks will be more violent, so don’t take it lightly.

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collect heroes

Heroes in Idle Cyber​​have different abilities. They can summon powerful skills to destroy enemies. Everyone’s unique fighting style, combined, will become invincible. Helps you stay strong even in the face of the most powerful attacks. We can activate people’s ultimate skills to amplify their power. Unleash the most powerful moves to destroy the invaders. But after starting, you have to wait for these skills to return to their original state. The higher the rarity, the stronger the member.

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weapon upgrade

Supporting your fight also includes weapons that deal more damage to your opponents. These are energy laser guns that fire continuously. After accumulating a certain amount, you can invest in these weapons. It will help you fight enemies faster and help you get more money. Through each level, the shape and damage of the weapon will change. This is the key to ultimate victory. The combination of weapons and heroes will become a powerful force to defeat all the most important forces. The evolution of technology is a factor that directly affects what you manage.

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play money

Idle Cyber ​​applies these two NFT methods to create a more developed game environment. All in-game items can be traded for the same value. You can play and complete quests to get these valuable items. Once you have accumulated enough money, you can withdraw it and use it for your purposes. Players must know how to invest in the right strategy. From there, just play Idle Cyber ​​mod for profit.

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