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Fear is an integral part of our daily lives. Fear creates pleasurable emotions that make us anxious. Then try Identity V and see how powerful its story is. Feel the ultimate fear of being chased by a madman. Find a way to escape and find a way out of this scary place. A thrilling chase is about to officially begin.

Published by Netease Games, this is an extremely thrilling and engaging chase horror game. Identity V will give you a sense of horror that you won’t find anywhere else. Play 1v4 games with profitable hunters and prey. A higher level of hide and seek, dodging the abominations. Uncover a thrilling story filled with horror as the game demands ingenuity and ingenuity. For those who love this type of game. The faint of heart should never try, just in case.

Download Identity V mod – Discover the terrible secret of the soul

You will have two options; one is to be the hunter and the other is to be the hunted. Hunters are crazy clowns that are always hungry. Prey are those who like to drown, always looking for a way to escape. All will be taken to an unknown and terrifying wasteland. What makes the character move around with the virtual joystick. Find and manipulate objects around you to help you. Hunters will have an extra attack button that they can use if they encounter prey. When the time runs out, if the hunter fails to catch his prey, he loses. And if the prey is caught, their life will end tragically.

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Hunter is a bit faster but in return will be large and difficult to maneuver. The heartbeat of prey can be heard when approaching. From there determine the relative position and perform the capture. If you are prey, your body is small and can be easily contorted with various aids.

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global match

Matches will be played online with randomly matched players. Depending on the character you choose, a full match will be scheduled. There are always 4 prey and one big hunter. Others can come from many different countries without restriction. You can communicate with them via chat to develop strategies to fool the hunters. Work together to redirect his attention in different directions. Win games quickly and easily. If you are a hunter, your only goal is to hunt them down. Create a diverse gaming community with many different styles.

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wide selection of clothes

Want to change your style to be unique? Currently! There are many beautiful clothes waiting for you on both sides. Weird clowns with different types of threats come from many cultures. A scarecrow with a sharp sickle ready to kill, and an immortal pirate with a sword in his hand. For the fleeing party, the puppets’ competitiveness is no less competitive. Be it a dancer, an 8-year-old boy or a magician. It’s all up to you to choose and modify to suit your look. The suit may look good to others, but not to you. But anything is possible and you will stand out.

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It will be very helpful if you also have a house to live in and turn it into a real home. The interior of the house can be decorated in different ways. They can be changed and arranged to your liking. The store sells new and stylish furniture. Buy rooms and transform them into luxurious places like aristocratic mansions or ancient mansions. Your dream home can be anything you want it to be. Take a break, read a book or lie on the couch and think. It doesn’t cost a dime to have such a comfortable home. Fulfill your greatest wish.

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Identity V mod apk for free

Many characters play different roles when around their prey. Each possesses abilities that are superior to the other. These abilities will come in handy for the team and help them get through tough times. If the whole team knows how to leverage and support each other, they will win. The Identity V mod also requires players to think creatively. Encourage the development of effective tactics to win on stage. Helps develop more handling skills for players and improve game quality.

Download Identity V MOD APK for Android (Menu/Wall Hack, Wireframe)

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