ICYMI: Shoresy debuted on Hulu last week – how to watch it for FREE

Shoresy is the spinoff of the popular sitcom Letterkenny, and it’s just enjoyed its debut on Hulu. Following the story of Shoresy as he moves to Sudbury in Ontario, taking on a role with the struggling Sudbury Bulldogs hockey team, it’s sure to be a delight for fans of Letterkenny in the past. This time around, you’ll even see Shoresy’s face — a huge departure for the show. Here’s how to watch Shoresy online right now, including all the latest episodes as they air.

How to watch Shoresy online in the U.S.

Hulu is where you need to head to watch Shoresy online. The popular streaming service has the exclusive rights to the hit sitcom spinoff and right now, you can even watch it for free.

That’s because Hulu offers a one-month free trial. The Hulu free trial applies to both the Hulu ad-supported version and the ad-free plan. New customers can simply go through the process of signing up to Hulu, then opt to cancel before the month ends so that they don’t have to pay a cent.

Hulu (ad-supported) costs just $7 per month while the no-ads plan costs $13 per month. Of course, if you choose to cancel before the month has ended, you won’t pay anything so it makes sense to sign up for the no-ads plan for free.

Hulu is also available via the Disney Bundle. Costing $14 or $20 per month (depending on if you go no-ads or not), it bundles in Disney Plus and ESPN+ alongside Hulu. However, there’s no free trial available so this is best for people who have used Hulu in the past and are no longer eligible for a free trial.

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Hulu isn’t just the home of Shoresy. The best shows on Hulu include plenty of great hits, including Atlanta, Pam & Tommy, Rick and Morty, and much more. The best movies on Hulu include A Beautiful Mind, Stuart Little, The Breakfast Club, and plenty of others to ensure there’s something for every mood.

Ultimately, if you’re keen to watch Shoresy online, you can do so right now by signing up for a Hulu free trial. A month-long trial, it’s a great opportunity to check out Shoresy’s next adventure in ice hockey.

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