I didn’t mean to play well..! Fans criticize Dravid and BCCI after Kuldeep Yadav . outing

The Indian team made a surprise in the match that took place in the Garden of Eden. Talking about Kuldeep Yadav’s performance in particular, he has 3 goals in this match.

Kuldeep Yadav

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In the second match at Eden Gardens, the Indian pitchers surprised. Choosing to hit first after winning the pitch, the Sri Lankan team looked to be attacking from the start, but as the Indian pitchers tightened their grip, the opposing pitchers was seen looking for water. In particular, Kuldeep Yadav showed such magic with his swing that no pitcher had an answer. His bowling knocked Sri Lanka’s batting order down.

Kuldeep has won the championship three times with 51 runs in 10 rounds. As a result of his bowling match, Sri Lanka was eliminated in 215 runs. He was highly praised on social media for his performance. #kuldeepyadav and #INDvSL are trending on Twitter. Fans give their reactions to this hashtag..!

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