I Am Not Okay With This: 5 Funniest Sydney Novak Quotes (& 5 Most Heartbreaking)

Sydney Novak is Netflix’s newest teen superhero icon. Based on the cartoon by Charles Forsman, written by strange things And to the end of the damn world, Sydney is quite similar to Eleven and Alyssa combined, but she has her own teenage anger and satire.

Sydney always annoys the other characters, especially her mother. But she also has a lot of wit, most of which we hear in her narration/narration/diary/thoughts. Here are five of Sydney’s funniest quotes, plus her five most heartbreaking.

Humor: “Paint me yellow and call me sunny, Goob.”

This is the weirdest quote Sydney has uttered, and its absurdity is enough to make people laugh. Just when things seemed to be settling south, Sydney decided to reverse her attitude and come to life. Her fake happiness is easy to see that it’s a bit sad, but mostly funny.

She’s starting to regret making Liam’s breakfast and lunch, which isn’t good for everyone. He was a little flustered by her sudden 180-degree turn, and she responded with this memorable quote.

Heartbreak: ‘My dad is just like me and it’s ruining him’

As Sydney ponders her own destiny, she connects her powers to her father’s history. She concludes that he committed suicide because he couldn’t process what happened to him, which paints a bleak picture for her own future.

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Sydney expresses her grief for her father at the beginning of the episode, but as she learns more about him, her feelings tilt towards anger. She began to grieve over her lost childhood and the loss of vitality in her family. However, when she realizes the truth about her father’s abilities, she empathizes with him – and herself. Either way you interpret that statement, it hurts.

Humor: “Just a mountain of cocaine.”

That was Sydney’s usual response when Stanley asked what she was doing. understood? Stanley just went to Ricky Berry’s party and invited Sydney home.

He’s tense and irritable, but Sydney has other things on his mind. She doesn’t think much of Stanley’s words and agrees to go dance with him, even though she regrets marrying him. However, she’s definitely not using cocaine – apparently, it’s just typical teenage pranks.

Heartbreak: “…I locked myself out of the world and disappeared, letting these things destroy me…”

I don't like this Sydney Norwalk locker

When Sydney lists all of her options, none of them really appeal to her. She recalled how her father’s actions, how he withdrew from life, caused his happiness to plummet. Sydney dreads going down the same path, but it seems like the only viable option.

Although Sydney has not always been kind to the people around her, the thought of her giving up her life, friends and family and any dreams she has for the future is heartbreaking. . She will have to allow herself to live a lonely, miserable life based on survival rather than happiness.

Humor: “Okay, I’m excited for today, Dina. Let’s get started!”

After Sydney decided not to go to the reunion and Dina broke up with Brad, the two friends had a candid conversation after gym class. One of their classmates happens to approach Dina to ask her to dance, but she declines.

They both admit that they’re “enough with the boys,” so Dina asks Sidney to dance. They recall a joke earlier in the season about someone having a “pep”, which Sydney responded emphatically, even adding a sporting “let’s do it” at the end.

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Heartbreak: “It’s just not like that.”

In Homecoming, Sydney finally confesses her feelings to Stanley. He starts by telling her that he really likes her, and she gently assures him that she really likes him too… just not.

Stanley looked down, but he wasn’t surprised. He even says he wants her to say it at some point, which makes the statement all the more heartbreaking. Sydney also seems to feel guilty, but at least the two are still good friends.

Humor: “Well, I guess I should tell you… I ate an apple today…”

I am not satisfied with the detention of Sydney Novak Dina and Stanley

Here’s another quote from the gym class scene. Dina tells Sydney she’s been less open with her lately and she doesn’t even know what she ate for lunch. Sydney agrees.

She took a deep breath, began to seriously say, “Well, I think I should tell you…” and listed everything she ate for lunch that day. The list is surprisingly extensive, and Sophia Lillis does a great job of conveying lines with equal gravity and lightness.

Heartbreak: “It was probably the most exciting thing that happened to him in his life.”

i don't like this sydney and stanley

Sydney, Stanley and Dina come to the house together to enjoy the evening and have fun. One of their jokes included Mr. Whitaker’s paranoid surveillance of the trio following the detention.

Sydney comes up with this line, which seems funny but is actually very malicious. Mr Whitaker has not been fully considered and respected and Sydney’s comments are condescending and extremely judgmental. She hates being put down, and we’ve seen her stand up for other characters in the series, so it’s sad even if it’s funny to see her behave so rudely afterwards.

Humor: “It’s 7:45 now.”

Dina arrives at her home in Sydney for a home reunion, where she meets Liam. Something seems to be wrong with Liam… he’s so mature and chivalrous. Dina just looked at him amused, but for the audience, this scene is one of the funniest scenes in the movie.

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When the girls left, he continued to play daddy, telling them to come home by eight o’clock. They look at each other and Sydney tells him it’s 7:45. Liam said nothing, just smiled. They turned and left. A cinematic masterpiece in a comedy.

Heartbreak: ‘I think I finally understand how lonely my dad felt at the time’

At the end of the episode, after Sydney blows up Brad’s head and flees the crime scene, she suddenly realizes how alone she is in this. No one she knew could help her. She didn’t know where to go, what to do, who to ask for help.

Eventually, she realizes her father’s struggles and why he backed down and why he was forced to commit suicide. Knowing how he feels means that she feels the same way, which is sad and scary on so many levels. At such a young age, Sydney should have had it all, but instead, she was just scared and lonely. Or so she thought, until the shadow appeared. Looks like she might have a mentor.

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